Journey Crimean women from Simferopol to Kiev

In the good old days, when between Simferopol and Kiev was a train that I often visited the capital, because I love this city (How not to love you, my Kiev!” – this old song today Crimeans are particularly relevant).

But in the last two years, do it rarely, as the road became more difficult, and crossing borders – it’s all for me stress: I can not get used to the fact that we shared. But recently finally decided on a trip, very much wanted to be back in Kiev, to breathe its free airand see old friends.
… In 20 hours 30 minutes arrived from Sevastopol bus, on which I had written. Landing in Simferopol the passengers was quick, and after half an hour we were at the border for Armenian.

When it became light, I could not tear my gaze from chic Ukrainian fields. After the Crimean farmland running to look at endless fields of sunflowers, maize, sugar beet it was a great pleasure. On already harvested fields of grain quickly worked new tractor, collecting in large compact bales of straw. Once unpleasantly reminded of the rhetoric on Russian television and from the mouth of the Crimean “team of winners”, which almost buried the Ukrainian economy. And here my eyes saw perfectly developed agriculture, which genuinely impressed and pleasantly surprised me.
At 12 noon we arrived in Kiev at the metro station “Hippodrome”. Of course, the first thing went to Khreschatyk, then went to the Maidan. I remembered the time when I was here during the revolution against the corrupt regime of Yanukovych and we defended their right to freedom and a better future. Near the administration building of the Kiev workers laid new pavement, people walking around smiling and cheerful, and I greedily breathed in this spirit of freedom, which, after the Crimea is as much a pleasure dizzy. Only then I realized how much I missed Kiev, Ukraine!
Then met up with their friends, we had an enjoyable visit. They began to ask how – in the Crimea, but I asked them: better that they tell you, because if I start, my euphoria is quickly gone, and I really wanted to enjoy it longer. We had this great conversation, and I’m even more aware that Ukraine is waiting for a beautiful future. Despite all the difficulties, there are promising, especially for young people, however, and for everyone else who wants to go through life with my head held high!
After, in the evening, went to the Dnipro hotel. Took a budget single room for 560 USD. The room was small, but quite comfortable, clean, with all the necessary conditions. From the hotel didn’t leave, as tired from the road. Turned on the TV and in the same breath listened to the speech of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. He spoke about the situation in the country and future plans of the government. Surprisingly, I believed him, so openly and convincingly he spoke. Although I had forgotten that someone believed politicians, with the exception of Mustafa Dzhemilev. However, listening to the constant lies in the Crimea from the lips of “the winning team”, it’s hard to keep faith in politicians.
The next day she took a walk on the Khreschatyk, went to McDonald’s and happy (which is already forgotten in Crimea) ate. It seemed to me that I could always walk from one end of Kiev to another, enjoying the aura and beauty of this corner of the capital and remembering the events of life associated with these places, but we had to move.
Again went to the metro station “Hippodrome”, where he joined a flight to Simferopol at 20 hours, the company “South wind”.
At 6 am we were already at the border. At the Ukrainian border customs were not, the guards were all passed without problems. The Russian was a test, and border guards, and customs, but also everything went fine and pretty quickly. On the Russian side we have already got a comfortable bus, and at 10 am I was already in his native Simferopol.
Overall, the trip was a success. I “podpisala” the air of freedom and periodically think to do it, because for a long time without this “doping for the soul” is somehow sad and is sad in the Crimean everyday life, where the fear is in the air, and denunciations become mandatory by law. And it is noteworthy that many are beginning to get used to it…
Krymchanka, blogger

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