Kiev – Cassiopeia North star

Nothing new in the opening of the next political season, no. Yes, it was more dogs in Mariinsky Park, where they stroll together with the national guard. police to prevent destabilization of the domestic situation. Count three shepherds and one Rottweiler. Steel seal manholes blue stripes, on which to parse the number (of yesterday), some kind of acronym and the words “sealed”. Again, all the matter in the inner enemy who does not shrink from anything, including sewage.
The so-called Constitution square in front of Parliament real full house: several rallies, protests and performances. Updated the ranks of the deceived investors at the expense of the Bank, “Michael”. Another disenfranchised is well organized and the same type of waving yellow flags, which marked the bursting of the regional office to e…yumm banking institution. The head of the NBU Gontareva draw in different poses, including a rather, in my opinion, Frank. Came the miners nesamerigo type and use helmets. Require, interestingly enough, salary. Pans too, but, unlike previous revolutionary seasons, they are not put on the head, and used for the “voice” of protest. Yelling “get out of Pandu!” – not ageing at all regimes slogan. Apparently, a solid theatricality to burn nothing going, although two fire engines there. Tires, again, no.

Come inside. Protection without Kalashnikovs, but with the “Makarovym”. Promised by the speaker of the ProbIem (about it later) global anti-Soviet repair facilities there. No frescoes about the liberation struggle of the nation against Stalin or different-sized busts Bandera, done by the best craftsmen of Bukovyna or invigorating paintings of the life of the OUN-UPA in the genocide of the NKVD. But Parubiy swore that the deputies did not recognize the Parliament after the repair. F – – – ing upset with…ka.

Just carpet cleaned, and they are now pleasantly springy beneath my dirty chucks”. Yes, the signs over the toilets hung in European style. Now says “WC” instead of remaining Communists brand “toilet”. And arrow. Where is the modernization and de-Sovietization? No. And why the third floor is the exhibition for pedophiles, sadists on the topic of “domestic Violence”? Little girls and boys draw, with all anatomical details, which they learned from the Internet as they are beaten, raped and bullied. I must say, the spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

Poyarkov, as always, crocs in different colors. One pure yellow, the other blue. Time f – – – ing stopped. Unless there are pregnant women MPs, but it is.
Now about the message of the Supreme commander. Honestly, I was disappointed. Expect more expression, cry, gesticulate, manipulation, stage effects, illustrations on the big screen… Well, you know. All who watched without sound the performance of the guarantor in Mariupol, know what I mean.

Some bursts were found. Loved the way the North star, which covers “the immutable path” of Ukraine in NATO. Involuntarily reminded of Kant, who also spoke beautifully about the starry sky. Something like “there is nothing but starry skies and NATO standards within us.” Right proshibla tear, but I restrained myself, because the sister may be misunderstood. And, of course, about the touch that can really…camping, if you were very quick to come – just brilliant was said. The author of the speech of the President, it is felt, perfectly versed in touch the doors, not once, not twice slammed into them at full speed. Morality is very interesting: the doors to NATO, but if they fast to run, the North star will Shine not in heaven, and in the skull. Just…a minute, high poetry. I also want such herbs as have Olezhka Medvedev. Soft takes, the lyrics hit.

Well, as we foresaw, is the way the EU stars show us the way to NATO. Therefore, a visa-free regime is no longer relevant, since the “militarization of the economy” will “bearing-down impetus” to the development of the country. In some places I had to suspect the Supreme commander of the misplaced pacifism. Well, as you can live with the Cossack Gavrilyuk with sweepable head, shielding the sun, to say that “military solution to the problem of restoration of territorial integrity does not exist”? How so? According to my calculations, in a matter of months the Donbass, Luhansk and Crimea will return to the welcoming bosom of the Ukraine. Listen to that same Bourbaki (the leader of the faction “popular front” with wide open face): he is beaming with confidence in the victory over Putin. “Inter” to burn, and the Crimea to repel the aggressor. Here’s a fellow.

At the end of the performance the guarantor was tired, and even sometimes lost. About the stars mentioned. Even the IMF said nothing, although everyone knows that Christine Lagarde owes us approximately two billion dollars. Time would have it, on…on, put on the counter. The head of fools: I’ll give tranche, the Directorate is unable to meet. The solder and iron! And he’ll be another tone of the negotiation process. Oh, and, of course, because of the aggression of Russia sharply falling living standards of Ukrainians. Moreover, the aggressor cowardly closed its market for Ukrainian goods, with the result that “we have lost fifteen billion dollars and tens, hundreds of thousands of jobs.” Of course, such dishonesty from the Kremlin no one was expecting…
And something happened with the speaker of the ProbIem. I was mentally prepared for a certain period of adaptation, as was the habit in the online mode to translate the specific dialect of the speaker. It is felt that Andrew took lessons from an experienced speech therapist. His articulation, his mouth became even more expressive. Sometimes it seems that without sound I can understand. But as a result of training oral accessories in the Arsenal of Parubiy there were some low sounds that are combined with a distinctive click and the scream was somewhat confusing. Intuitively had to guess the meaning. But, in the end, it’s all about practice. Especially because we had such a beautiful and romantic idea: the North star lighting the way to NATO. And touch the gates of the Alliance that protects the General housekeeper, strictly providing that no one quickly ran up.

Really tired of EU integration and visa-free regime. Well, as you can? But NATO standards – a completely different layout. Will not have to worry about aggression because it will be a pain in the ass of the United States. It will create new jobs, the girls with the County to gain new customers – economy will work and live.
Of course, in the end screwed over Julia. Jumped to the podium and accused the coalition, Parubiy and even Irina Gerashchenko that they “went on a Bender with the guarantor in the next room, noting the opening of the new political season.” No, so how can you? Already and normally on the chest can not be accepted. Especially since the first star – polar – have already appeared.

Translated by Yandex Translate