Kosmosdal! Roskosmos wants to build 1 million “squares” of housing in the center. Khrunichev

Roscosmos wants to build 1 million “squares” of housing in the center. Khrunichev
19 Jul 2016

publication time: 10:16
Roscosmos appealed to the Moscow authorities with a request to authorize the implementation of a development project on the territory of the Federal state unitary enterprise “State space scientific production center. Khrunichev”, about this “Vedomosti” told several officials from the government of Moscow, close to the Roscosmos source and developer working in the area. The draft plan has been the company MR Group.
The Corporation intend to build on the land in the center of them. Khrunichev residential complex with a total area of about 1 million square meters. The concept has already been sent for approval to the architectural Committee, however it was sent back for revision – the authorities felt that the district should not only housing, but also infrastructure.
The Khrunichev center that produces carrier rockets and spacecraft. The largest Metropolitan area, which has a plant located in the industrial area from Filevskiy Park, its total area is 140 hectares.
According to the newspaper, the proposal regarding the development of the territory received from the lender Center. Khrunichev – VEB. The company was in dire financial Straits after a series of unsuccessful launches of “Proton”, impact and other long-standing problems. In 2014 the company was to receive from VEB loan of 37 billion roubles with a maturity in 2025. The key, found the media, become the Moscow land.

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