Well, no, the so-called “ruler” in the schools on the first of September should definitely be banned. Beautiful kids embroidered with their parents in embroidered shirts are originally a national holiday on the first of September, all in high spirits (rates increased, prices and the dollar rising), and then boom – the remnants of the Soviet past.
It is wrong. After all, we own hands take their beautiful European far. I affectionately looked at the rows of students. Here are the future purveyors of rape. Great profession, close to the ground. Many will work for a large European construction, to erect poles and Portuguese schools, hospitals, toilets and roads. All paths are open to them, if possible in time to leave. It is necessary to display a new future today.

To make, for example, “kryivka”. At the entrance to put the head teacher, dressed in a vintage uniform, the UPA, to give him a hand “Schmeisser”. I do not want the head teacher to find a teacher to oblige. In a playful way the child inspired the idea that the terms of some enemies, and you can only trust the guys in camouflage. Not everyone, of course. Fighters of “Tornado”, too, loved children, yet our criminal code has not kept pace with European trends.
In short, at the entrance of the fighters and bajcici the UPA. Around flags, wreaths and welcome slogans, lined with fired by separatists cartridges. On the Playground of the school is appropriate to place the exhibition of achievements of “Ukroboronprom”: modern tanks, planes and drones in the scale of 10:1. Students should immediately feel the complexity of negotiations in the “Norman format.”
Then the Director should briefly but vividly to read a summary of the latest news from the ATO zone. None of the Soviet stuff with a girl who supposedly rings the bell. Instead of this Soviet relic is a dry and concise volley from carbines. His (volley) can produce heroes ilovaisky offensive. School uniform should be stylized camouflage, all tags with names and blood type. And, of course, a large effigy of Putin, on which first-graders must hit a special yellow and blue bat.
Pay attention to the following shocking fact: each school plays the national anthem when he feels like it. One even yells Vakarchuk and the other at this time, all stand at attention with the wet from the overflowing feelings eyes. That is, mlyat, what is it? At certain times, for example, at seven in the morning (a time of war, do not lie in the cosy cot), on a specially installed speaker the commander in chief announces the opening of “kryivki”. Then punch the teacher in the form of the OUN and the effigy of Putin. All embroidered, rejoice. You can jump. This tradition started with the independence of a gidnost Nayem and somehow already entrenched in the mass consciousness.
It is necessary to move systems, the ranking is determined by the height and weight of parents. Students from the first day needs to understand that childhood was over for them once and for all. Preparations for serious adult life, during which they will have to deal with the cases of the Kremlin propaganda and the manipulation of historical facts.
There are specific requirements for teachers, which should be e…tymi in the good sense of the word. Look at the teachers of Ukrainian language and literature, survivors of the dictatorship of totalitarian values and the Kremlin elite attempts to restore the Soviet Union. That’s on them and should be equal. It is the apotheosis of patriotism, except, of course, volunteers and bloggers advocating the elimination of scholarships.
Military-Patriotic education in the school should come first. Why ship future defenders and protectors of the Fatherland unnecessary information? Some geography, mathematics, biology…
Should be a basic course of thousands of years of history of Ukraine, fades into the basics of tactics and strategy of actions in the zone of the antiterrorist operation. Plus a new, highly useful subject – assembling and disassembling of national machine in the context of visa-free regime. All. This is more than enough.
Very rightly, the Deputy education Minister Kovtunets (probably children’s nickname) has noticed that we have too much money is spent on higher education. Why? The country and the EU need physically strong people with knowledge of the basics of painting and plastering work, able to wash the Windows and plumbing. The government takes seriously this issue and promised to hold a sharp reduction in funds allocated to higher education. Today it is a European trend.
Fully support. Why hammer head a new generation of unnecessary things, if there is a Google calculator and Groisman?
Was good and a good tradition to celebrate the first of September an increase in tariffs for electricity, heat, gas, sewage, and everything else. Life itself tells us how it is necessary to modernize the holidays, left a legacy from the Soviet past. But only you know what’s missing? Sort of field drive. Well, what they wimp out and modestly announce a “gradual” increase by an average of five dash thirty percent? Well…Poo the drool! Have from twice, that there were grounds for celebration.
A little rewind back. Yes, many schools already have a minute of remembrance for the soldiers killed in the ATO. But we must go further. Why the minute, not the hour? Then it is necessary to attract “volunteers” to the education of the younger generation. And not only them. The child, in accordance with European traditions, he has to decide which gender to choose. Experienced transgender and pedophiles have already expressed their willingness to make the appropriate start-up, and the Embassy of Sweden is ready to allocate the necessary funding.
“Scoop” should burn almost hot iron. Half-measures will not do. Need a set of strong and, I would say, the reckless actions, which will bring Ukraine to the level of global superpowers.

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