Latin American political graffiti (compilation)

In a previous post I asked the question on a fragment of graffiti. Yes, it was Hugo Chavez. Recently in Venezuela on a graffiti festival came znameniy Argentine street artist Nazza. He works anonymously, i.e. does not leave signatures on his paintings. And not because is afraid of prosecution, but because he believes that his art belongs to the people. And now a selection of his and some other graffiti:
1. Is graffiti a height of four meters made for one of the so-called “neftedobycha” (petrocasas), the houses are made from derivatives of oil refining. The construction of such houses solve the housing problem not only in Venezuela but also in Cuba. The people’s house, as they are called here.

2. Also graffiti Nazza: “to Struggle by other means” is written in graffiti.

3. “My hunger is your fashion. On the streets a reality.”

4. “we don’t want to survive, we want to live”

5. The coffins, wrapped in dollars:

6. Credit card erases skull.

7. Down With Pacland!!!

8. Map of Colombia, which stripped the U.S. flag.

Latin American graffiti has a long tradition of muralistov. Especially the movement of muralistov (from the word “wall” is “mural”) was developed during the reign of Salvador Allende in Chile. Then moraliste was an active agitation for National unity. As you can see, this talicia not lost and continues its protest and a fair beating.

Translated by Yandex Translate