Lost. Part 1.

– ‘m kind of turn – taking a card buddy.

– It’s not funny, I think we go in a circle.
– It’s my fault that neither the phone nor the Navigator don’t work? The woods around.

– You can’t understand the names on the map?
– 21st century, we map read.
– Look, I can’t at the same time and the wheel spin and the local terrain to explore.
Yeah, I don’t understand a damn thing! Like going there and like…
– Cut it.
Machine, stops flinging chunks of dirt, and stops in the impenetrable forest.
– Let me…TA-a-a-a-K! Where are we going?
– Here
– So, where are we?
– The idea is that over here, but there’s nothing there! The old map.
– Listen. Dark. I night in the forest do not want to sleep – I throw my card on the torpedo.
– Like I want! buddy draws a card in hand Here, no here…
– So, let’s turn back in the opposite direction. To the starting point go.
– We are 4 hours driving here!
– Believe me, better 4 hours back than without gasoline and food to stay, I began to turn around on narrow roads likeness.
Twilight was gradually pushed out the daylight, making the dense forest even darker. Forgotten road, overgrown with grass, more faded into the landscape, and was plainly not to disassemble, we’re going on it or are dodging between trees and shrubs.
– Where is here?
– I do not know who crushed the card in his hand “Navigator”.
Class! – I hit the brakes, leaned on the wheel and covered his head with his hands.
– Seems to have lost finally looked around buddy.
– What you’d expect, okay, let’s turn to the right somewhere we’ll put your car and try to sleep in the car. And at dawn we will think, where to go, what gasoline to burn in vain – moved I I.
Despite the greyness of evening, woods tried to play with paints and gave great aromas of grass, moss, mixed with the smell of pine needles. We stop at more or less an open space to have at least some review.
– We should build a fire – I went out of the car and looked around.
Bird sounds cut the silence, and passed like a knife through butter, dripping right on the head. Simultaneously awful due to the fact that we didn’t understand where we stopped, it was replaced by reverence to the silence and beauty.
– Why the fire?
– We are in the forest or the semblance of it, not on the beach in Monaco. Then every creature on the pack.
– I think the wolves? – anxiously looked around, buddy.
– No. The Jehovah’s Witnesses.
– They here anyway? – grinned Leh
I don’t know, but in any case, these and those, the fire will scare away – I opened the trunk the Water we have is not enough – I threw an empty baklazhko, buddy – Go look in the surrounding area, can stream you can find.
– And you?
– Get a bottle of Martell and I listen to Vivaldi! What are you doing? It will be dark soon…
– Okay, go.
– Come on, and that without water I’m not seen.
But, wolves?
– Catch! – I threw the gun and a wolf Can get, unless of course you are not bringing in parts – I grinned
– Fool! – went to the forest mate.
What are we doing in this part of the vast country? I myself do not really understand. Called a friend and invited to fish, have fun and enjoy the beauty of Siberia. Flew in, rented a car and drove off, as now was found out to who knows where and who knows why. Sometimes, life, like, pushes you into the unknown, creates a labyrinth in which you don’t just walk, but for some reason running. Through random links, strange acquaintance, a turn of events, she brings you such somersaults that you are in time, you begin to wonder about the sanity of the person writing the plan in Heaven.
While I collected dry sticks, kindling a fire, man had to return:
– Sanja! There… – he pointed in the direction from which, just got back
– What is it?
– Let’s go! … Will show Only the spinning take.
– Why? What is spinning? You brought water? – I blew on the fire.
– Forgot.
And Balaka where?
– There have thrown…
– Lesh, I understand. Nature in the head, but let’s somehow get it together. Again you say, you’re not on tour. trip. For hundreds of miles not a soul. Nobody knows where we are. We need the night to sleep, not spinning to run.
– I know, I know…- rummaging in the trunk of Alex – come on, there is water gain – he found a spinning rod and box of lures.
– You were supposed to do!
– Where to go? – I sighed, knowing that arguing was useless.
– Follow me and we’ll show you the way.
Holding the gun, I followed the Ranger, who was clearly excited to have found.
– Well, how? – he showed on the water surface or the pond, or small lake.
– A beauty! Balaka where?
– Lying there – began to equip the fishing rod, the fisherman.
Putting the gun, I took baklazhko and began to fill it with water: – Um, clean some I scooped up a palm of cool water.
– Now check that there! I tried spinning mate.
– You’re really going to catch?
– Until it got dark, sexual.
– Okay, go, I went for a fire watch. The gun to leave you?
– No, it’s quiet – dismissed the man from mosquito swarms, which pecked it, but he was so absorbed in the process of fishing, I noticed – Better the stain from them Kinh.
Hold on… Come on, not long.
On the other side of the lake something with a crash hit the water…
– What is it? – anxiously turned to me Leh
Pike – I grinned
– But if a bear or something? Leave the gun – man stepped backwards from the water’s edge.
– All? Full pants already, hero. Went to the car, fuck this fishing.
– She-e-e-e, better leave the gun.
– Yes, the fisherman in the fight between the mind and the fishing, fishing always wins – I waved a hand.
– Have you heard? – alert Leh
– Someone walking on the side of the lake, on the water sound goes.
Pike went on shore, berries and mushrooms to collect, on salting – I put the gun near a tree.
– No, really…
All Lesh, I went, and it goes out all the disappeared I in the woods.
When he reached the car, I threw the wood into the fire, pulled the filter and just in case filtered water, then sat down on a folding chair and lit a cigarette. Together with the advancing darkness and complete silence. All fell asleep until morning. Only occasionally, strange sounds heard from different sides of the endless taiga. If we stopped here, so here people go – I reasoned aloud. Well, here would not pass the jeep, if before that, someone drove by, at least on the UAZ. Although… the worst Thing is the unknown, but when you don’t even know where you are and where to go or to go – it is not scary, it’s horrible, and the main thing is not to panic and start thrashing about, like a trapped animal. For the reflection, I didn’t even notice that it was getting dark, and the fisherman had not arrived and was not. I rose from my chair, got into the glove compartment and pulled out a bottle of vodka, taking a few SIPS, standing in the direction where there was a man, I cried a few times. The answer were only strange sounds, or bird, or hare, bloated blueberry.
– Why are you yelling? – appeared out of the bushes buddy
– You’ll miss lantern got? – I looked Lech
– Silently, the smell of smoke was. Here he gave a heavy pike.
– Oh! Master. Gun remember?
– Here…Listen, still at the end of the lake, something or someone.
– Maybe, maybe not. To check, I don’t think so – I gave a bottle to a friend.
That’s odd, according to the map there’s generally no reservoir tucked Alex into the cabin, got out the map and sat down near the fire, began again to study it.
– Yes, this lake is it not more like a huge pond – I started to cut the fish.
– Never suffered from topographical cretinism, but here! – drank Leh – the idea is, then, something is, or once was, some kind of settlement, he pointed to the map. Tomorrow will go to the left.
– We need back! Where communication and at least some makings of civilization, and you want even further into the wilderness to climb. We have a petrol not so much, but eating this patrol as a tank.
– Here, on the map to go 20 minutes, not more.
– Lesh, no experiments – daraselia better fish, I still cut down the tree, to the Board.
– Look, if we go back, get lost, and I maybe the village will leave, they will prompt where to go, say, riding nothing at all!
– Fuck you, goldfish – I cut down the tree and began to cut down the Board for preparing fish. Having made boards and small pegs to attach the carcass pike, I got some juniper and rubbed them with salt and pike.
Putting our makeshift pan near the fire, we poured vodka, drank and smoked.
The link here does not catch… finally, I
– Fuck knows, I’m near the lake, in my opinion, caught one division, and perhaps seemed in the dark. It should be a hill somewhere to go or open space.
– If there is no connection, we are from localities far away, neither is the hood.
Yeah, Navi, one forest all around.
– The main Navi – brain, and we see you back in Moscow forgot – I sighed and walked towards the bushes Shine!
– Pants look.
Shine, say, wit…
– What?
– St – I began to collect in a plastic Cup cranberries.
– M-m-m-m! – reached out Leh
– Kashi! This is for sauce, here it is and so little.
Grinding the cranberries, we removed the fish, put it on the package, sauced and ready to eat.
– Tasty! – smiling Leh.
– . Nature, neither Auchan nor the restaurant is the shit don’t slip – I spilled vodka – You know how: McNee in the sauce a bite, then a SIP of vodka and a snack…
– The thing! – happy buddy
– No thing, and Vests!
After dinner, we decided that the first near a fire tdiary I will and then I’ll Wake up Alex, as it heavily overcame. After a couple of hours sitting on a chair, I started to mow. In the woods time and again heard the sounds, but I only pricked up his ears when the noise became audible, almost behind the bushes. What kind of an animal could smell the smell of fried fish and come to him, I forgot.
Hey – for some reason I cried
Mine – “Hey”, I heard only a faint roar, which typically emits Love when he’s asleep, snuffling in two holes. No hesitation, I raised his gun and fired in the direction of the bushes. A wild roar that echoed over the treetops and sped away into the night sky, they heard the tramp, who immediately and stopped, there was silence.
– What is it? – flew out of the car Leh
– Someone went – I shrugged my shoulders
– And what?
– Fired.
– Killed?
– I don’t know. But the check will not go.
– Well, that’s right – Leh yawned and disappeared in the car.
After the incident, sleep was removed, as a hand. Nodding off I started only in the morning. I decided that Alex will lead, and I’ll kimarite in the car. Boiled water and brew coffee, I Wake the man.
– You have not slept or what? – washed Leh
Nope…You drive I’ll take a NAP – I yawned
There is no question!
Sipping coffee, we Packed our belongings, said thanks to the lake and this place for the hospitality and hit the road.
I walked around the camp, found no one. So don’t get in a lit Leh and started the car.
– Well, and, thank God – I yawned and pushed the seat back.
Half an hour later, I awoke to the fact that Alex keeps pestering me:
– Sasha, get up, get up…
– Has he come? – I stretched, got up and looked around. Around again was pitch-black forest, and in front of the blockage of numerous trees.
– And where are we? – I took cigarette
– What’s up with that! – got out of the car Leh
– Say, don’t swear… – I exhaled the smoke.
– In all the ways that lead to the other side of the lake, debris everywhere, and they are all similar!
– Are you kidding? You said we’re going left, to the place on the map if there’s nothing there, we turn around and go in the opposite direction! You know the sheep that we stupidly gasoline may not be enough to get you back!? – I yelled
Sash, according to the map, this is the place, but physical access to it is no!
– Excellent! Through space and time, we do not know how to pass, so turn around and go in the opposite direction.
Sash, I feel like there’s something there.
– I’ll tell you what? Taiga is there! And taiga, and there. There is something there. And that something is called taiga!
– Let’s go, huh?
– Are you kidding? I one night was enough in this jungle! Mosquitoes, whose head is like a chicken egg, the animals on the forest cut. Let’s go already….
Okay, well, obviously. I quickly run in that direction, and here you sit, if there’s nothing there, I’ll be back?
– Zashib! And if you get lost? There is no connection where I’m going to find you?
At this time, in the depths of the forest, like a moose head:
– Here! – I showed in the side of the head – They already surround!
The elk stared, motionless, then turned and walked in the opposite direction.
Even here he knocks! – I spat
Sash, thirty minutes?
– Come on – I sighed
Taking guns, abrishamchi smelly, we left the car and went in the direction pointed out by Lech. We walked around the dam, which I also thought strange. The trees were not cut down or felled, but one had the impression that someone deliberately brought here and stacked.
– Yeah, that weird blockage.
– Ah, I told you about that! And in all directions that somehow you can drive one, too!
– Look, if there really is someone out there, maybe he doesn’t want to be disturbed, if he so carefully all the passages blocked?
– We just ask…
– Okay, keep Susanin – I sighed
The farther we walked away from the car, the more my heart was thumping and it was a strange feeling. There is a saying to Feel the spinal cord. Any person it is. You somehow, entering the room, you feel that there’s someone in there, although at first glance no one there in sight. When someone can’t hear, tries to touch you, you feel the vibration, and moving around. In the martial arts try to hone this ability to feel the invisible and hear the inaudible. For a successful counterattack, for example, when you are being attacked suddenly.
– Do you hear? – stopped Leh
– Yeah. Crackling of some kind.
– Come on, only quiet…
– Back, and Lesh? – I whispered
– Come on, there’s a gleam already seen some, get back and waved Leh.
We went ahead, before reaching his place of 20 meters, from behind we heard a crackling sound and some noise.
– Listen PAL I had, Alex! Raise your hands where I can see ‘ came the voice.
– You’re from the sticks to scare you thinking? I turned and saw a gun. Held him, a small man with a beard, but his eyes, the clothes were at least strange.
Put your hands – all the same calm tone said man.
– Now, the only pants you alive! – I was holding the gun
I, for now, I’m asking you nicely – sighed man
– Lesh…
The man cocked the gun and directed the rifle at the stranger.
Shoot – I smiled – Next will fall.
Is not the time to go – put that gun down man
There was a thump and the sound of a falling body. The feeling of the spinal cord, the martial arts, but the reaction was enough for me only to turn around and I, immediately, got kick butt.
– Just you, Nicholas, crazy! He would’ve killed? – was heard a woman’s voice, through the pain that was rushing in my head.
– I, a human being was asked to remove the gun. But, they are human don’t understand. Don’t know how to do it properly! Bestial, through the power and that is what was heard the voice of the man who was talking to me. He seems to be angry, but even in that condition, the voice was kind of complacent.
– Well, still… Young…
– Exactly that young. No respect, no nothing. Yeah, I’m with you… think I’m going, in going, shout. The door rattled closed.
– Oh, Lord, save and protect – was heard a woman’s voice.
I open my eyes and try to get up, to see where we are.
– Lie down…Lie – comes an old woman. Her face seems to be old, and his eyes young like that guy.
– You ohrenel? – I feel the head.
– Do not swear, empty it…
I haven’t even started to fight – through power and pain I still stood up out of bed and looked in all directions. I’m lying on the bunk, house to ease poor. Oven, simple wooden furniture, icons in the corner. Civilization here and not slept. Only the sink in the corner, a washstand, and some personal hygiene products suggest that people live here, and not a primitive tribe – Where are we? – I look to the left. On the shelf is similar Leh.
– Oh, – sighs the woman, examining my head – don’t be afraid, Nicholas forgiving.
– Yes, what have I to fear? – I try to scream, but my head starts to hurt, and I wince from the pain – Lost, thought the road will tell, but here… Oh, y-y-y-y-y-t! – I whisper
– Drink – woman hands me an aluminum Cup.
– Not poison?
Pei – how motherly she smiles
I take a few SIPS. Surprisingly, after a few minutes the pain disappears and I’m back on my feet. The woman this time something out of the oven.
– Get invites it to the table
Thank you, I’m not hungry. I’ll take buddy, and with your permission, we leave, I begin to pull at Alex. He did not even react.
– Not worth it. Eat better – smiling mouth almost without teeth woman.
– What is it? – show I like pot, which is put on the table the woman
– Boiled meat, broth and nannies.
– What?
– Bread – Nannies. Sing…
– No, thank you. I’m better at air will be released – I opened the door and went outside.
Several huts, strange buildings, which are on stilts, nets, neatly hung on the fence, clay oven, small chapel, and a strange way of hanging the fish, a few dogs, which looked askance in my direction, well, cat, that’s all I saw. The number of buildings, it was possible to understand that here, at least 5-6 people. Sect – I thought and began to rummage through his pockets in search of cigarettes.
– Pull it together? – came a familiar voice
– Your prayers – turned I
The man walked up to me.
– Oh – he sighed – Well, once wandered to us, come on the tour will be.
Thanks, not worth it. Now buddy will Wake up, and we’ll leave. You only show which way to go to civilization to get. And to the place where our car is, show the direction, and then after the blow to the head, my compass lost.
– Can’t lose what isn’t there, but otherwise wouldn’t have been here. Directions to the car show. Where you go, I don’t know in the eyes of the man exuded sincerity, and his voice was calm and even-tempered.
Class! Something like what I was afraid of.
– Fear, like the beast, it absorbs only those who are unable to resist him.
– Okay, dad. While this Pathfinder, which brought me here in comes, spend your excursion – lit I – Tickets are expensive? – I grinned
– Children’s Union members for free. Where are you from? – asked the man
– From Moscow.
– M-m-m-m, well as the Muscovite, by the intellect, can be likened to the child, you free.
– Read classics?! – I grinned
– There was a business – man waved his hand, and I walked behind him…

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