Lovely, I think…

Original taken from lev_sharansky2 in the Archipelago UKREG.

Freedom is better than unfreedom of freedom. The invisible hand of the market, inspired by the readings of Adam Smith and the forecasts of stock analysts Stepan Demur, she distribute financial benefits among their adherents, guided by the investment climate, independent rating Standard and Poor’s. 3D-printers have fully replaced the bulky production area legacy of the planned economy, allowing a few minutes to print Tesla electric cars somosaguas space rockets, Elon musk, trendy interior finishes and lofts, as well as the stick for selfie, equipped with a fan to blow hair. Innovative startups IOS developers allow direct stream on the iPhone for quick brainstorming in coworking and hackerspace. Crowdfunding method of raising funds allows us to solve the problem of attracting investment.

Pan Groysman announced about joining of Ukraine to the EU in ten years instead of the planned 25. To fulfill the seven-year plan in five years. The more that prices in Ukraine are very close to European. The success of economic reforms in Ukraine is forcing the Russians to turn white black envy, and dictator Vlad Putin in a rage to ride on the carpet in the audience chamber. Thousands of volunteers have launched the modern post-industrial production of new technology using 3D printers donuts canadian Diaspora and mass singing of the anthem of Ukraine. Close unprofitable and inefficient enterprises Pivdenmash and the Kharkiv Tractor plant, a heavy burden which not shoulders Vilna Ukraine inherited from the Soviet occupation. Released funds the government will spend on the purchase of yellow and blue paint, flags of Ukraine and the printing of t-shirts “Fri hylo”.

However, even these successes are not yet able to bring the economy square powers of the ten largest in the world. But Mr. Poroshenko has already promised at a closed Cabinet meeting in the tavern “Three carp” by the end of the year Ukraine will become the fifth economy of the world. Does the word Hetman is worth nothing? And we will have another zrada under the hooting of the crowd of quilted jackets on Twitter? Quietly. Sharansky again in a hurry to/to help Ukraine. In the restaurant “Matryoshka” Brighton intellectuals had a powerful brain-storm with the abundance of shotlandskogo whiskey, Polish vodka and wildly fashionable Kuban wines, the result of which was the solution and answers to all questions. Ukraine is the locomotive of the world economy!

Actually the solution is very simple. So the economy grew rapid Jack, you need to drastically reduce pensions and salaries. With pensions, the Ukrainian government itself has to be successfully understood, defeating retired as cyborgs Pskov airborne division in the Donetsk airport. And what to do with the payment of salaries? It is officially the slavery in the world such as is prohibited? Take advantage of the best American experience! Why pay money when you can use free prison labor.
Now in Ukraine about 80 thousand prisoners very little to raise the economy to a new level. What if you put in prisons and concentration camps of the democratic Freedom thirty-one million five hundred twenty thousand people? Can you imagine the scale of jerk? Rect power will break records GDP evil rusnė. And if you sell licenses for private prisons? And trade bodies lusterware? A Safari in prisoners for rich Europeans? Options are virtually unlimited.

Ask why that number? Because in the wild will remain eight millions and four hundred thousand people. In Switzerland. You think this country is bankers and expensive watches why is booming? Because there is a balance of population. For which to strive in Ukraine. The question arises how to implement such a mass lustration? Tougher criminal code articles for domestic separatism. To add articles for thoughtcrime. To simplify the judicial system for a conviction enough complaints three microbloggers are young patriots. Speak in Russian – to the camp of Freedom. I think in Russian – to the camp of Freedom. Too softly sing the hymn of Ukraine – the camp of Freedom. Closet and noticed the clothes white, blue and red colors – in the camp of Freedom. Enough diligently painted all the beds in the garden, yellow and blue paint – the camp of Freedom. Clever too – the camp of Freedom. After all, one must live not by lies. For your and our freedom. Hto does not jump, the Moskal. PTN PNH. Lalalala. So paremoremo.
With wagoi, pan Sharansky.

Translated by Yandex Translate