Miroslav Berdnik: I am accused of terrorism, and I was just saying what I think

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Alexander Chalenko,columnist Ukraina.ru:– Remember how police searched your apartment. How it all began?

— I have serious health problems. A few years ago I was given a very difficult diagnosis, then was in connection with the operation. I was first given a disability, but then the Kiev doctor, which on the table in the reception room stood the check boxes of the social-nationalist party “Svoboda”, did everything to ensure that I took it, calling me an enemy of the Ukrainian people.

And all because of our dispute over the renaming of Likhachev Boulevard, the famous Director of the automobile plant. I remember saying to him: on released its factory cars traveled half of Ukraine, why should be renamed to Boulevard Mary Pryimachenko.

So, due to the fact that I was not feeling very well, in the morning while the daughter slept, I went to the doctor to adjust their treatment.

When I had moved away from home for two hundred meters, I caught up with two men who were presented by employees of SBU and showed their IDs.

Together with them I went back to the apartment. I was read a decree of the court about a search in connection with criminal proceedings on the basis of publications in my blog in LiveJournal. In the case of as I walk as a witness and questioned me then the SBU also as a witness.

-Under what article criminal case is brought?

— Article 258, part 3. The creation of the terrorist organization and its funding. Under the “terrorist organizations” those who opened a criminal case, mean DNI and the LC. As stated in the court’s decision, Kyiv national linguistic University conducted an examination of the materials in my LJ and there are experts have been found to direct and indirect calls to action directed against the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and calls do not obey the Kiev authorities and so on.

I’m just a pacifist, like my father, a writer Oles Berdnik. I just write about the dream — that the war in the Donbas has stopped as well as publish materials, which in turn legally are published in legal, not prohibited by law, the media. Is that not we, in Ukraine, to do? Do we have no freedom of speech and belief?

-That was seized during a search?

The search lasted from eight in the morning until half past one. Came witnesses and other employees of the SBU. Seized my computer, flash drives, phones, Chevron “Polite people”, which from the Crimea to me is legally brought friends, also a program of the international forum dedicated to the heroes of the great Patriotic war, which took place from 13 to 15 may in the Crimea, and which was attended by participants from a dozen countries. It was attended by me.

By the way, during a search employees of the SBU took a few photos of my apartment, where the curtain was hanging the ribbons, and another one, where lay a prayer-book on the computer keyboard. The prayer book which they are put. Then they are on their own page posted these photos in the signing of the so identified “rashist” and “Vata”.
By the way, SBU changed all my passwords to social networks and email. More I do not have access.

-Then taken to the SBU?

— Yes, my daughter. She waited on the bench in front of the SBU, while I was interrogated. Interestingly, prior to interrogation (was waiting for the investigator) with me in the office an hour and a half were “friendly conversation” off the record three Opera trying to figure out who is leaking information about a search I have.

I told them so. In childhood I was a witness of how the KGB conducted a search of his father. Then he was left a copy of the search Protocol. After some time the Protocol was published in the West. He was summoned in this regard and said he handed the document? My father replied that there are two copies: one of them, and the other — from him. The copy he had with him. Then copy the West gave them.
In other words, SBU themselves and merged on a search in my apartment.

They also threatened me that if I don’t admit guilt, then I’m looking for 258 article to 15 years, but if I admit it will be handed over to the Prosecutor and I will get one and a half years probation.

I even then asked: but if I’m innocent? Vaughn court recognized the innocence of the journalist Ruslan Kotsaba. Then there was the interrogation of the investigator under the Protocol, but to talk about it I have no right. I can only say that the investigator behaved correctly.

A week later I go again for questioning, but only goes to your lawyer.

-How your colleagues, Ukrainian journalists, responded to the search?

— An interesting comment was in Kiev of the journalist Galina Plachinda. She was, incidentally, the press Secretary of the Lyashko (the father of journalist — writer Serhiy plachynda, in 2000, organized persecution of an Elder and the trial court because the last books — “Vampire Taras Shevchenko”; after one of the sessions at the exit of the court the Elder was beaten by Ukrainian nationalists who were holding a picket, and was in the hospital approx.ed.)

So, in social networks it is written like this: Berdnik is the winner of the prize Yaroslav Galan, who justly killed as an enemy of the Ukrainian people (the writer was hacked by Bandera in his apartment in Lviv in the late 40-ies — approx. author). Plachynda writes that this death deserves Berdnik.

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