Moloch. The 2018 devours social facilities

The 2018 devours social facilities

Schools, kindergartens and hospitals – on the altar stadium in St. Petersburg.
Smolny will Finance construction of the stadium on Krestovsky twice. Bad Bank, VTB and “Transstroy” advances 2.6 billion will be given to a new contractor “Metrostroj”. Schools and kindergartens will have to wait. To finish the stadium on Krestovsky, Smolny willing to sacrifice the timing of input of the three dozen objects – kindergartens, schools, hospitals. At the St. Petersburg project of the century “will transfer” RUB 2.6 billion, earmarked for social infrastructure. The money invested in the second round, come back later, hope in the administration. And with social facilities ‘ construction is possible and not to hurry.

The construction Committee has prepared a draft government decree on the redeployment of its budget 2016. By law, the Department may redirect up to 10% of its targeted investment program, that is 2.8 billion rubles, officially they say in the construction Committee.

“Moloch”. The construction of the stadium “Zenit arena” on Krestovsky island in St. Petersburg has been ongoing for 10 years.
Informally interlocutors in Smolny explain — a former General contractor for the construction of the stadium “Inzhtransstroy-SPb” has not mastered 3,6 billion roubles advances. Part of the work and purchased materials the company can still donate until August 25, during the month after the termination of the contracts. But if you read the full amount will fail, the city will have to recover the money either from the contractor or from VTB Bank to guarantee the performance of work.
In matters of money back to rely on the goodwill of companies is not necessary, practice. The Committee still sues VTB for money back on contracts for the construction of indoor rinks, terminated more than a year ago.
A protracted strategy trials Smolny does not fit. To finish the stadium before the end of this year — a matter of honor of the city government. The Committee, therefore, decided to transfer to the main construction of the Petersburg part of the funds reserved for kindergartens and schools. Not touched only inspected to pass which are planned this year.
The calculation is simple – so far the construction of social objects will slow down. But by the end of the year, the stadium will hand the advances back to the budget, and the long awaited construction should once again pick up the pace.
Most of the budget cuts will affect the clinics and hospitals. With these objects, the construction Committee decided to remove almost a billion.
For a quarter of a billion will reduce the cost of one of the city’s long – term perinatal center of the 9th hospital in the street Ordzhonikidze, 47. It doctors are trained to care for premature and sick newborns, talking about modern surgical and intensive care. And the building really was planning to pass at the end of 2015. But now the company “Stroykomplekt” the former top-Manager of JSC “Baltstroy” Dmitry and Aleksei Torchinsky Torchinsky a new term — the end of 2017.
Kalencom, too, will have to wait for input of a new surgical building of the 33rd hospital. This year on its completion will leave only 1 million rubles. A 155 million — transferred for the construction of a football stadium. However, the platform on Pavlovskaya street for a year frozen. The construction Committee broke a contract with one contractor, and the new one was not concluded.
However, residents of Kolpino will not wait alone. In the list of objects whose construction will be slowed down, also got a clinic in Strelna and in the Red Village, the ambulance substation in Metallostroy and hull children’s tubercular sanatorium in the ear.
Construction of schools will cut not so much — only half. Contractor “ETS” have to slow the pace of construction of educational institutions in the “New Okhta”, a large-scale residential complex in Kadom, near Murino. This year’s construction funding will be cut by 230 million rubles. “Novaya Okhta” are very active. Over the past 3 years the developer LSR Group handed over 24 houses, in which the city fills many of waiting. But schools in the quarter is still there. Parents must take children through the CR in the long-built-up areas of the Citizen.
The residents of social houses in the street Badaeva, too, will have to wait. With their future school, the city removes 90 million in funding.
Finally, kindergartens and did not suffer a lot of limits on their construction will reduce only to 310 million rubles. Significantly, nearly 130 million, will cut the construction of a kindergarten in the residential complex “Zolotaya Gavan” near the Park of the 300th anniversary. Its input has already undergone a year — at the end of 2017.
Smolny ready to cut even the object directly associated with the stadium, the waterfront at the new metro “Novorostovskaya”. Contractor “Leocom” reduce funding of almost 240 million rubles. Apparently, the company will have to catch up next year. According to the contract, the work must pass before the end of 2017.
However, the most important thing — and the stadium on Krestovsky will be commissioned before the end of this year, and estimates construction will not formally increase.
Just on the main St. Petersburg unfinished arena allocated 42 billion.
Antonina Asanova, “Fontanka.<url>”

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