“Nabooti”, prosecutorial and sapulci”: merry massacre in Kiev

Implacable, merciless and even insane war against corruption declared by Kiev, “pursuant to the European commitments of Ukraine”, entered into a decisive stage. I ran out of popcorn and so the next episodes of the “war” had to watch dry. It (the war) everything is fine: here’s a special COP unit CORD, the best-trained American instructors from Texas, where they twisted the tails of girls, stormed the Central office of the state border service. The centre of Kiev, just four minutes brisk walk to free toilet, located in the national Shrine – the “Maidan Nezalezhnosti”.
People in balaclavas, camouflage and saggy for unknown reasons, bunt, burst into the building next to the fuss the guards in the green berets and the deputies from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko. “Everybody down!”, – pure Russian soldier yells as if American special forces. “Go to x…y, do not have rights, with…ka!“, politely send the native “move” implacable guardians of the borders. The Deputy from BPP, hastily dressed in dry, says that miraculously managed to avoid gunfire and numerous casualties. “They (the guards) had the legitimate right to use weapons, and then the cops, the military prosecutors, the terms of civilians, their dogs, cats, “the breathless indignation Deputy. And, what happened in there? And that forest in the Carpathians cut down a very corrupt path. According to reports, the Ukrainian military Prosecutor’s office headed by Anatoly Matios (his sister added deputatshey a quota of the party “BLOW” Vitali Klitschko, constantly feeding members of the faction of stale dumplings of own production), four officers of the border service in chop, cut wood. Moreover, the reptiles, the most valuable trees to make money. Corruption and non-European attitude to the environment. The footprints led to Kiev. The arrests and assaults.

Returning to the important issue of popcorn and why it ended. Here at the beginning of the week “nabooti” Mach genprokurorskih. Also in the city centre. Five minutes from sacred places, still radiating the rays of a gidnost”.
A small digression for those who recently started to observe life in the Ukrainian madhouse. “Nabooti” – employees of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (IABU), created at the insistence of the Amer to combat corruption in the higher echelons of power of the colony. The office is headed by a Sytnik, famous for the fact that immediately after the appointment, I took my wife to a ball in London. Kind of wanted to learn from the experience of English colleagues, and what kind of trip without his wife? Suddenly there to seduce him will begin to be inclined to sexual perversion, to take the hook? When the wife was next to me, such threats are not afraid.
GPU – is the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, headed by well-known alcoholic and a brawler, a candidate to succeed Poroshenko Yuriy Lutsenko. “Ugic” (unique even by Ukrainian standards Burr). Made for a contest in the format of “wall to wall” appeared on the basis of mutual dislike. Prosecutors themselves peacefully booze, suddenly saw two people with cameras that persistently climbed in the window to the investigator on especially important economic crimes. Went to sort things out. Those presented by the detectives NAB. Yes, now in Ukraine there are not only Imbeciles, but also detectives. Prosecutors began their torture in the narrow, not adapted for life indoors” (from the report of NABOO). The torture is unclear. It was mentioned only one office table with drawers. Apparently, in the “drawers” laid down (or put) something extremely important for the detectives NAB. Perhaps, even intimate.
Miraculously tries managed to call for help. SWAT was NABOO. Oh, that’s extremely harsh and secret guys. About them we know only that allocated $18.99 for the purchase of one pair of well received, Everyone! To GPU a minibus “Ford”, which jumped from 14 (!) “commandos”. And this is…a minute, not counting the drivers, to cover a newspaper in order conspiracy. Prosecutors laid out the record of a skirmish, put to music by Beethoven. Or Schubert. Who will disassemble them there. Wonderful sight. Delivers. That pushed the lead investigator of the GPU. Second, given the kidneys. But the forces of NABOO kick in the soft tissue. Periodically someone from the crowd shouted “Guns!”, all chickening out, but then again, to each other begin to choke. Well, not darling? What the fight against corruption, already fly all pop!
In short, Rushniki really broke “neboisha” special forces. They train every day swinging: try a glass regularly bring to mind, you know how the bicep will come out! Or triceps. It does not matter. So today, August 17, under the walls of NABOO will be held on the Maidan. In defense, naturally, “aboistop” that he got from prosecutors. MP Mustafa Nayem (the same one who organized the Maidan) had encouraged his last – “to say a decisive no to the prosecutorial tyranny.” Agree, this is lovely: the people, the Tajiks, independence, corruption. Not only enough of the SBU. And no lie: there’s the secret service!
The Agency Vasyl Hrytsak had another brilliant operation. Not so long ago, they sold four hundred pounds of fresh explosives for potential terrorist from France, which caused approving reaction from their French colleagues: “morons f – – – ing”. Now they found that one of the employees of the NABOO, engaged in corruption, laboring on the side for the loot. Whether the webinars are conducted, whether at the County stood. It does not matter. Important – before 2002 it scum, was a citizen of the Russian Federation. Well, now you understand whence feet grow?
In this battle of anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine, everything is fine. And it’s only the beginning, because “sapulci” (a Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office is established in Breda, together with the special forces) announced plans to spend seizure of documents in… of the SBU. Aren’t they cuties? Yeah, I almost forgot: the military Prosecutor’s office raided the Central office of the new police. Nothing found, other than drugs, unregistered weapons and a fake driver’s license. Such things should not even respond.
In conclusion: the State border service, which was through the cops, made a strong statement. It turns out that you know who it was for military prosecutors and police special forces? You will not believe – for Vladimir Putin, creating a mask-show the picture for Russian terrorist media.” You know, if Russia suddenly would attack Ukraine, what prevents extremely informed NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov (sitting on ecstasy, and his info can be trusted), that no one to care not. Now comes the fight against corruption and all involved in special operations.
Alexander Zubchenko

Translated by Yandex Translate