National Interest against the Russian defenses. Offended for patriot?

The other day the American edition The National Interest erupted material U.S. stealth fighter f-22 and f-35 against the Russian s-300, s-400 and s-500. Who will win?
Maybe… it hurt from the fact that us air defense was recently busted in the Golan heights, not being able to shoot down Russian drone?

Here and sprinklessmiling Dave Majumdar (one of the editors of The National Interest) on the Russian s-300/400/500 standing up for the modern us army patriot SAM.
What is the salt of an accident?

The Russian air defense can be formidable, especially given the fact that Moscow is more and more increasing its air capacity… However, the zone protected by Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, s-400 and future s-500, are not “impenetrable bubble” or “iron domes” as they are called by some analysts.

I agree.
But the “iron dome” sure is Russian SAM short range TOR-M1 (and its subsequent modifications) is because it can shoot down anything from the banal planes, helicopters and cruise missiles… missiles “Air-Surface” and bombs.
He successfully demonstrated at one of the exhibitions by the interception salvo launch… anti-aircraft missiles. Yes, you heard right – he was hit by anti-aircraft missiles other SAM. “Partners” was picked up jaw off the floor. Well, rather of sand, it was the Arabs.
I know how our other SAM (“Shell”, etc.)? Not 100% charged, but likely.
So in his coverage – he’ll shoot all.
And SAM with long range is more difficult, because they have a huge range of the missiles he has a blind spot behind the radio horizon…

Although starting with s-400 (and then s-350, s-500 and other newcomers), shooting over the radio horizon is not a problem, given its Association to the network of other radar and missile… with ELGIN (active radar homing), which the backlight is not needed.
Besides talking about layered defense, it is strange to translate the conversation on the lonely s-300/S-400/s-500.
He’s not the only one unhappy and alone in the open field… There are plenty of other SAM and a separate air defense radar have the AWACS aircraft, there are troops RTR (electronic intelligence)…

And while it is true that in the confrontation with the military aircraft of the fourth generation of these systems can seriously thin out the air the enemy ranks, but they have an Achilles ‘ heel“…
Russian air defense will still have to make serious efforts in order to deal with such us stealth aircraft fifth-generation F-22 and F-35.

U-ti gospodini… the Achilles heel!
And what?
And here is the great specialist Dave Majumdar refers to Michael Kofman, claiming that

…advanced Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-300, s-400 and haven’t even adopted s-500 are equipped with systems designed to detect and track stealth aircraft, however they are not capable of pointing weapons at the target.

Michael Coffman – research associate of the Kennan Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center
Threw so much threw! Visible hand specialist.
I highly doubt that Mike Coffman was carried out ever interception for s-400, or was present on the CP PVO. I even doubt that he saw it live.
Because… with distrust perceived as serious statements.
And if you still remember about the output chetyrehsot missiles at the target on a ballistic trajectory… I do not understand the optimism of Michael. Because:
1) all of the notorious “stealth” imprisoned under the irradiation in the horizontal plane, in a vertical EPR saaavsem is not as rosy as the Americans draw in their brochures…
2) s-400 missiles have active radar homing head, which are included in the final stage, appearing next to over the target.
About the s-500 which nichrome not known – one can only dream.
But chetyrehsot it precisely will not give.

Significant Russian investments in defense are telling us that the main threat to his ground forces, the Kremlin believes the air force of the United States.

Captain obvious, sign.
What else the US can threaten our ground forces?
Abrams, who still need to bring from the continent? Or aircraft carriers, afraid to come to our shores (so as not to RCC Board) and having a very limited range of carrier-based aircraft (which can be increased of course… the price of what the combat load is getting ridiculous)?

Russia tried various methods to defeat Stealth technology. Among – the attempt to develop a tightly integrated network of air defense from multiple radars illuminating the aircraft from different directions, but how effective these efforts were is still an open question.

This “method” already a hundred years old, still tested in the year.
And for you, the question remains – is a good thing. Can try to attack their f-22 position chetyrehsot in Syria.
We laugh together.
But in answer to the question of National Interest “Who will win: the f-22 or s-300?” — already was!
A f-35 let them first at least until readiness will bring.
I know that the publication appeared before fucked up patriot. Let neighing!

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