No conscience, but you hold on!

“…Everyone came to know is still important.” (A. Griboedov, “Woe from wit”)
Revealed Medvedev: and what puts it on the first place – the petty-bourgeois soul, “my little Padawan“, and his attitude to people, to teachers, to people who make one of the most important works of the society, namely forming a new citizen. Not about any as Medvedev wrote Dmitry Merezhkovsky hundred and ten years ago in his work “the Coming of ham”, the epigraph chosen words of Herzen: “the Bourgeoisie will win and should win. Yes, my dear friend, it’s time to come to a peaceful and humble mind that philistinism is the final form of Western civilization”?

The Bolsheviks made great efforts to eradicate the bourgeois and Hama – have given people the highest sense and the educational opportunities that were previously available to the aristocracy. But the thrill of elite power has led to the permissiveness in the Affairs and thoughts. The senses have fallen under the pressure of the slogans: “Catch up and overtake!”, and as a result soon fell and the country, once assembled from pieces of the Russian Empire, Russian Republic around these high meanings – the building of communism. The desire to live in the West, be the West – Europe, led to the fact that the “final form of Western civilization” is now not only owns the factories and steamships, but came into power, held a high position, in fact runs the country. For the thrust to as with the big zeros she can’t see that had stalled, and she becomes zero.
To answer as said Medvedev, the teacher can only degenerate people who have forgotten what honor and conscience.
Date of entry: August 4, 2016.

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