Of the “benefits” of eating raw food and other fads and what’s behind it

…Hardly anyone will argue that the differences between male and female body due to the role that each sex plays in procreation. And it is difficult to prove that there are any exceptions from this statement. Including the fact that women have more body fat, suggests that the presence of such interlayers is a necessary condition to ensure a normal pregnancy and gestation.

The people always existed confidence that excessive thinness is an obstacle for the normal passage of pregnancy.

In the Russian language there is a word “skinny”, it moreto mean as a skinny person, and something bad is here in this definition signed original attitude in the folk tradition for thinness, as something negative.

Scientists claim that fat, well formed and in the right quantity, help in the production of progesterone – a special female hormone. Without it you can not get pregnant and, moreover, to endure a full pregnancy.

But we’re not able to check scientists, right? A Russian is considered to be barbarians. Then refer to the experience of the siege of Leningrad during the blockade was the first dead man. If you look at newsreel footage of when the onset of spring, the people of Leningrad, in order to avoid epidemics, they were forced to clean the city from the frozen corpses – worked almost only women, men of course were at the front, but still the proportion is not comparable with what was between the sexes in other cities, for example in Moscow, which was also under siege, but not in the blockade, and the proportion of men to women there was much more.

Of course, you can write off to do what the unknown properties of the female body. Well, refer to the control experience, this Brazilian top model Ana Carolina Reston:

anna-restonDied at the age of 21, without any blockade – rich, “successful” – has collaborated with such well-known model agencies like Ford, Elite and L’equipe, worked in China, Turkey, Mexico and Japan. Before this 22-year-old Luisel Ramos, one of the leading models of Uruguay, died during a runway show at fashion Week in Montevideo.

In the human body play a great role in the mental position: stress may cause illness – it is known to all. Cheerful mood – cure. But there is also “foolproof”: if you try to lose weight, the body goes the opposite way: it begins to store fat and then do everything to protect it – read the numerous complaints of the adherents of the sects of weight loss that achieve the right protivopolojnym results. You can find a lot of scientific explanations of this phenomenon – about the circles of insulin and the fats and all the cholesterol is all you can skip past the ears, it is important to see the results of global experiences and the experiences of survivors of Leningrad and experience fattened beyond measure fans of modern fashion and the fate of the rich topmodeley over which shaking paid doctors and nutritionists.

The question is: with a hangover in the society is introduced here, this ideal of feminine beauty:

ideal-krasotyThe answer is obvious.

And if someone is not obvious, the problem here is the type of information perception, style of thinking. To make the answer obvious, still need nemnogoih.

First, the old joke of the Soviet times.

The Armenian radio ask a question: when it comes to world hunger?
Armenian Radio answers: a General famine will come then, when the Chinese will eat with a spoon.

In 2014, the U.S. produced and subject imports consumed domestically, more than one sixth of all energy on the planet. In addition they also recruit from all over the world in debt of around 0.8 trillion$, if in rubles at the current exchange rate, it is about 15 thousand per month for each American, including infants.

The population in China is at least five times more than in the U.S., and if China will eat the same spoon as the United States, the answer of the Armenian Radio will sound not so funny: the world’s resources not enough even for these two countries.

Problem. China does not want to live always worse than living in the United States. A global problem.

And here are – global – problems are solved at the level of pricelist countries define their policy. And if you are not interested in politics, understand nothing at all possible. Especially the ones who formulates and pursues a policy of extremely not interested in keeping the herd knew where he is being driven why this is so will be clear from further.

Whoever from the above it is decided that spins as the standard of beauty top model house Armani was eating tomatoes and apples in order to ask a sample of possible consumption to save resources – video, mosaic-type of thinking, a product of the formation of a kaleidoscopic mass of consciousness, is not able to capture the relationship between individual events, especially separated in time and space. In the end, the brain of an ordinary person only superficially notes certain information and almost instantly forget about it because a dense flow of information immediately “scores memory with new information. Who makes such conclusions do not see the whole skladyvayetsya paintings, like the wise men who studied their part of the elephant.

Yet what we see is globalist problem between consumption growth and limited resources, is able to satisfy ever-increasing needs: those Americans guzzle in three throats, in comparison even with China, though with Russia, but their needs are far from satisfying even the basic, such as health, is to look at the battle of the American President Obama for reform in their system zdavoohraneniya.

Have policy makers little choice:

  1. To take from others and give his own;
  2. To reduce the consumption;
  3. To reduce the number of consumers

The first option, for example, decided to implement Adolf Hitler, but the “point” was not “iron”. More elegant problem was solved by the United States, establishing a global control over the global financial system, making American money major world currency, as I have shown above because of this, Americans get to 15 thousand rubles per capita per month.

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