On the events in Turkey do not jump to conclusions. Do not smack fever.

Original taken from olegmatvey in On the events in Turkey do not jump to conclusions. Do not smack fever.


The Internet literally exploded with news about the events in Turkey.
But in fact – yet no one really knows.

Covered bridges over the Bosporus? So it is nonsense – the bridge can clog for a couple of hours two men with machine guns, stood at both sides.
And in General, note of office plankton, Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. It’s such a Turkish Saint Petersburg. Was also once the capital of the Empire, and now find themselves on the outskirts of the state, though, and retains some Imperial gloss.
The helicopter fired at the headquarters of the Turkish secret services? So it just proves that the headquarters is not occupied.
In General – in the best case, we learn some details. And then – not a fact.

And while it’s pointless to respond to heart-rending snot-cries and all kinds of stuffing. Remember: NO one still knows nothing.
And don’t need stupid statements (and fotozhab on this topic), they say, “Erdogan has got into a mess”, “don’t upset Nina” and all that stuff.
Think it is just Russia now, after the apology, Erdogan – like kipesh completely useless.
The coup (or an attempt) are either the Americans or the Islamists. It is possible that even act together.
But Russia, in my personal opinion, is not in the business. Some of the benefits of such events for Moscow, not in sight.
So do not smack fever. And not whipping the crap.

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