“Onizhedeti” in Armenian?


The European Union is so concerned about the observance of the norms of democracy in Armenia that much to eat can not.
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland expressed concern in connection with the events in Yerevan.

“With concern for what is happening in Armenia is a member country of the EU developments, where for several days an armed group holding hostages at the police station. I would like to remind you that in countries guided by the rule of law, all problems should be resolved through political dialogue, with respect for the norms and standards of democracy, “—said in a statement CE statement.
Jagland called on all parties to the conflict to stop “this dangerous situation and to go back to using democratic means“.
Democracy, the rule of human rights and the law should prevail. Freedom of Assembly must be fully respected, “—said the Secretary General.

Is it me, or all those tender words sounded in 2013, the government of Yanukovych?
By the way, very curious as to why in the EU, all the terrorists bring down tightly even when they are trying to surrender? This is consistent with a sonorous tunes of democracy?

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