Our nuclear base in Iran (as per night to change the map of the world)

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That photograph of the Russian long-range bombers Tu-22M3 in the Iranian military air base Hamadan is, of course, already had the news that deserve attention.

The announcement of Iran that it “will provide Russia the infrastructure for terrorism”, that is, simply put, a military base is more of a sensation.
No, no sensation in the fact of the use of our videoconferencing Iranian airfields, in General, no.

Air bridge from Russia to Syria through Iran and Iraq — in effect almost from the beginning of the war.
Refueling, maintenance and recreation of the pilots on the Iranian air bases — also regularly happened long before the official announcement of the beginning of air operations in Syria.
The joint action of the military transport and tactical aircraft of the two countries also regularly have the place to be.
Another thing is that neither Russia nor Iran until recently I tried not to attract the attention of the world media to detail their military cooperation in Syria.
And really: why make a sensation out of the routine of daily work ?
After all, the goal of this work is not ostentatious information effect.
The purpose of the end result, equally interesting to both countries.
Moreover, the two countries officially did not create any military-political entities, no blocks, no coalitions, not even a “programs of the partnership for peace.
But now, the media got enough quality pictures of the Russian bombers, which is clearly not done “from under the counter, and not stealthily, bypassing the security departments of both countries.
That is, our planes in Iran was allowed to photograph and publish on the neutral resource.
And now, announced the strikes on Syrian TOSR ISIS has risen from the Iranian base by Russian aircraft.
And this, obviously, has its own information and demonstrative purposes, and their specific recipients.
Even though this demonstration wasn’t meant for us to understand what and who we show to be interesting.
It should be noted that the far-submarine bomber Tu-22M3 belongs to a class of strategic aviation, since it is capable of carrying nuclear weapons and can effectively attack the surface forces of the enemy fleet at a considerable range.
Air strikes on terrorists is not the main purpose of this aircraft. The appearance of such cars at the airport of another state — the event itself is non-trivial, talking not only about the degree of mutual trust, and a common military-strategic space.
This is about how us nuclear weapons in Europe — kind for security “partner”, and together with the application on their exclusive rights in the region, to challenge anyone who is not recommended.
So, before the Russian strategic missile carriers Tu-160 landed in Venezuela, then to work on learning tasks over neutral waters of the Caribbean sea. With this step we have explained the seriousness of his intentions to ensure the safety of the construction of the Nicaraguan canal — Panama transoceanic alternative strategic sea route.
Can verbally through the media to talk about “red lines”.
But you can not say anything.
What if the “red line” — that is, flying, automatically resulting in the highest degree of combat readiness of the command and podnimaya from warm beds and the management of all the surrounding States. In Iran, our long-range aircraft until landed.
Although the strikes against terrorists in Syria is not just the scale of the military presence in the region and noted the seriousness of our intentions.
But now the Agency Al-Masdar, talks about the serious reduction in the way of bombers, if they will take off from the territory of Iran.
It is a question of permanent basing of aircraft and long-range strategic aviation in Iran.
However, basing potential carriers of tactical nuclear weapons in the new region — a situation that may strain the nerves of many of our “partners”. Eating a certain sense to give them time to get used to the new reality and come to terms with it.
In General, since a change in the balance of military forces in a region always causes stress — our further consolidation in the Eastern Mediterranean should not be performed in the style of a cavalry charge.
Just a few days ago the President submitted to the state Duma for ratification of the already signed the Russian-Syrian agreement on perpetual and royalty-free deployment of Russian air group on the base Hamim.
Made carefully during the Duma vacation.
What’s the rush ?
Because everything is already accustomed to that base in Syria we have.
To base in Syria strategic aircraft (i.e. potentially tactical nuclear weapons) we have no plan.
It will always be somewhere close partners have to get used to her constant presence in the region.
After all, accustomed to the constant presence of our fleet in the Mediterranean sea. And get used to the air security of this presence, providing combat stability of heterogeneous forces.
We should also understand that these slow steps are not directed against anyone in particular.
For us the “curse of the Straits” is a critical safety problem that we will solve quietly, methodically and avoiding useless conflicts.
In addition, the access to the Mediterranean sea becomes more important than rapidly in the region’s emerging changes in the political map.
We just got back, and this will have to get used to everything.
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