The world is changing


 who would win?
who would win?

There is a change of civilizations. Until now, European civilization destroyed by barbarians. Exceptions were not. Now faded Europe will be captured without firing a shot. In the words of the Libyan “revolution leader” Muammar Gaddafi, God has brought us to Europe on a silver platter. It publishes gloomy movie. The only thing it should be noted that this is all about <! – More -> tratsionalnoy European culture, including North America, including the United States and Canada. East is a delicate matter. China never surrendered under the onslaught of the barbarians, and even if it won, he eventually emerged victorious. India. Also not for the fact that it was still dark, for Europe. Japan is also not threatened. Fine spiritual fabric – that saves Eastern culture.

And what about Russia? Orthodox Russia, which went for Patriarch Nikon and his patron Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, has led to the rule of half-mad Germanized Tsar Peter, who finally pushed Russia to its original pro-Eastern way into the fold of European civilization predestined impending doom. There was hope for the “schismatics” – the Old Believers, which burned in the fire, but faith is not betrayed. Now they try to return. They settle apart and their families at least five children does not happen, fifteen – not a rarity … So make your conclusions.

And we cast in granite

Lost building technologies Petersburg
 stone molding Richly illustrated article, in which Author specific examples argues in favor of casting technologies in the construction of St. Petersburg and shows the exorbitant complexity of most stone buildings of the city on the Neva, if we look at them as the results of stone-cutting work. 

In mid-summer 2013, I saw a series of educational films from the series “distortion of history”, which filmed on lectures and materials Alexei Kungurova. Some films in this series were devoted to building technologies that were used in the construction of well-known buildings in St. Petersburg, such as St. Isaac’s Cathedral and the Winter Palace. This topic is very interesting to me, because on the one hand, many times I have been to St. Petersburg and I love this city, and on the other, working in the project Construction Institute “Chelyabinskgrazhdanproekt” me to these films did not occur to look at these objects from the point of view of construction technology.

At the end of November 2013 fate smiled at me again, and I presented a working trip to St. Petersburg for 5 days. Naturally, all the free time, which managed to carve out, was spent on the study of the topic. The results of his small, yet surprisingly effective research, I present in this article.
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