Peskov’s daughter compared the Russian and French medicine

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Daughter of press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov shared their impressions of stay in hospitals in Paris and Moscow. On his page in Instagram she just crushed the vaunted French health care, citing the example of an ordinary Moscow hospital.

Elizabeth Peskov last week was in one of the Moscow hospitals with bacterial infection. After discharge, she decided to write a detailed review on the work of Russian doctors in comparison with the provision of medical care in France, where she lived and studied for several years.

First, 18-year-old student told about how she had to go to the doctors in a European country:
It so happened that this year I twice had to go to the hospital. In the first case, in a rare moment when I stayed in Paris alone, during the session, which is known to be fraught with erratic power, I have a very sick stomach. In the hope that the pain will pass, I avail yourself took medicines at home. It only got worse. In France there is a single number for all emergency cases. For a long time I could not get through, and when it finally happened, I was asked to wait. The wait lasted another 6 minutes. The pain in my stomach intensified to the beat playing in your phone music! Happened — I hear the answer! “No money — no emergency.” Knowing that the purse from me for 15 euros , I sobbed, hung up the phone. In the end, friends brought me to the hospital. I took a blood test and painkillers. From 5 PM until 1 night I spent in the emergency Department, waiting for payment. But, when the prepayment was received by the hospital, I began to provide even those services that I didn’t need.
For example, a gastroscopy was done under totally unnecessary to me General anesthesia, which cost a lot of money. It should be mentioned that the case was not insured. Diagnosis of acute gastritis. The final touch in my story about the stay in a French hospital will become the hot rolls and the pasta which I fed every day, and which is contraindicated in gastritis. The amount left behind in the American hospital of Paris, astronomical. The last straw was the requirement of this hellish place, to pay doctors ‘ fees, plus all previous accounts! And my aunt told me an incident that occurred with her husband, who worked for a long time in the States. One day he went to the family doctor with complaints of cold symptoms. Removing the cardiogram, the doctor said I needed urgent hospitalization. Thus it is necessary to mention that my uncle had full medical insurance. During the hour-long journey to the patient continuously measured pressure, and on arrival at the hospital, was put on a stretcher and forgot about it. Three hours later, when he became angry, he was finally taken to the room and again began to measure pressure.
In the evening, when he was already tired, hungry and angry, the nurse began again to measure the pressure, and somehow got distracted. The unit was broken and squeezed the hand until numb and you’re blue. After all the torture my uncle had hoped, finally, to rest. But there it was! He laid on the bed, from bedsores, which is automatically moved, tossing one, then the other part of the body up. Come morning, the doctor said that a few years ago I went micro a heart attack and that now everything is relatively fine. Eventually he wrote out the account of$ 7,000 for ambulance services and about$ 15,000 for the hospital stay. Well,$ 100 for a taxi home At the brother of my grandfather in those States had a stroke and he also had full insurance. It is very well treated, and he was in the process of rehabilitation. As soon as the money ran out, he was turned away at the gates of the hospital, interrupting the process.
The second time I was in the hospital in Moscow with severe angina. Got through to the ambulance for a minute. Asked about the insurance policy, and after 20 minutes I was wheeled to the hospital. In the car I had all the necessary first aid. In the hospital immediately placed in the chamber. I put the IVS, gave meds, did treatments, that are necessary for treatment. I want to add that fed VERY tasty. Personally, it reminded me of kindergarten. Also in adolescence, I had big problems with the skin. Three years of treatment in Europe had a negligible result, but in Moscow I was totally cured within just six months. From your poor experience and from the stories of family members and acquaintances, I can conclude that our doctors and nurses are professional and very human. It is a pity that such wonderful professionals in many regions of our country, the state is not able to create decent working conditions and payment for their selfless work.

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