Polish “Change”

On 8 and 9 July in Warsaw will host a NATO summit. The event will be massive and will collect up to 2 thousand people, it will be attended by representatives of 28 countries – members of the Alliance and 28 delegations from partner countries. It is planned that the summit will arrive and will hold a series of meetings the President of the United States.
Listening to the rhetoric before the summit, it can be assumed that the results of the forum will take important decisions in relation to Russia. So, researcher, Institute of international security problems Russian Academy of Sciences, associate Professor, faculty of world politics of Moscow state University Alexei Fenenko noted in conversation with the newspaper VIEWthat there are two scenarios of development of events at the NATO summit in Warsaw:

First, NATO will try to revise the Founding act. Poland already did it in December 2015. Second: NATO will not do this openly, however, decisions will be made that are de facto revise the Founding act.
The most important thing that happens around the NATO summit in Warsaw, is a political game with the Founding act Russia – NATO from 1997. I remind you that back in 1997 Russia and NATO signed an agreement under which NATO stated that it had no intention to place large military units and tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of new member countries.

In fact, we made a deal: the U.S. has given political guarantees to its partners with no real military content. Now the Americans want to revise this policy. To understand the Warsaw summit, we must remember that in may 2017 20th anniversary of the Founding act. NATO wants to revise the document, trying to place troops in new countries“.
The General Secretary of the Polish political organization “Change” Tomasz Jankowski saysthat in this way the Alliance has made Poland a colony. “We are convinced that the first condition of sovereignty of a state placing its territory only of their troops, and not some foreign, “he says, simultaneously Recalling that the Polish authorities themselves the deployment of us troops in the country and equalized the rights of foreign soldiers and soldiers of the Polish army.
“Change” is planning to hold a protest against the summit. The movement advocates for the release of Poland from NATO and for the establishment of favorable relations with Russia. Tomasz Jankowski says:
“Overall, for us NATO membership is not linked with some need of Polish society: there was no referendum, no one asked the people, there was no consultation with the community. Of course, there are the polls, where the majority of poles are in favour of membership in the Organization, but these data have never been tested. In addition, membership in NATO pulled Poland into wars that do not concern us. First, we participated in the invasion of Afghanistan, then in Iraq.
Now we can be at the center of another global conflict, which, we hope, will not come. The Americans and their allies are trying to encircle Russia. If you look at a map of the bases of the Alliance, to strengthen the Eastern flank of NATO, it is clear that the level of threat to the Russian Federation, associated with the immediate neighborhood, is getting higher. In the event of any conflict Poland will be on the first line.
NATO, in principle, does not provide for the defence of Poland or the Baltic States. From a logistical point of view it is impossible that recognizes the command of the Alliance in Europe. All the talk about Power a super-fast response and battalions – is propaganda.”

The opinion of the Polish policy is diametrically opposed to the opinion of the former President of Poland. However, it is not necessary to think that “Change“is the Union which supports Russia.

TASS did not mention. Europe in the information war shows Russia as the aggressor. And the noise, NATO increases military presence in our border area. What should be the immediate response.
Today it became knownthat the Smolensk region in a motorized infantry division, which will be part of the 1st guards tank army, will be finally deployed by the middle of next 2017:
“The General staff in coordination with the Minister of defense made a final decision about that new El’ninskaya infantry division along with the Tamanskaya motorized and Kantemirovskaya tank divisions will be part of the 1st guards tank army.
The formation of the division in the Smolensk region began much later than similar compounds in the Voronezh and Rostov areas, so the completion of its acquisition and the construction of infrastructure is scheduled for December this year, and at the end of the first half of next year.”

TASS reported that the composition of the division in the Yelnya staff will include 10 thousand people. And the city thought: “scientists are…”
Date of entry: July 5, 2016.

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