Only when a Jew cries, God hears his prayers (saying)

In the temple the people gather. Soon the service begins, and while the congregation stand near the icons ask for something or thank. The smell of candles and incense, mixed with human odor and breath. Perhaps at the pearly gates, something like the smell and the same accumulation of sinners of all stripes, religions and races. I stand in the middle and stare at people wonder what they ask and what are you thankful for?
– Oh, nothing special. All too eerily – yawning man, which appears from under the ground.

– A-a-a-Ah?!
– Yonder – pointing man, a middle-aged man who stands looking a bit lost next to the icon of the mother of God – Pray for the health of his wife. But she’s… ” the stranger looked at his watch – he Died in the hospital. After five years, he then will stand, but the child is not going to help.
-That is, it is useless to pray?
– If you count the useless life, then Yes. You don’t pray for him, but for themselves. You can even bulb to pray, if it helps to grieve or to achieve something.
– And you? – tried to ask me, but it I was immediately interrupted.
– There’s the Granny that near of Saint Nicholas, pray every day, morning and evening, as a job.
And what about her?
– Nothing! Health better than you. It is here Varshavki runs. Not in hospitals rubs pants and cries doctors, and in the hands and feet at Church!
It helps, then, the Church then… I smiled.
– Are you deaf? And then the Church. I tell you, sinner, legs together and running. And where she would run to the Church, the synagogue, the market or just around the yard chasing the cats, no difference.
Movement – a life?
– You could say that. There was a case, one woman was praying, not going to believe this: the improvement of housing conditions. The apartment is a small flat and she has a disabled husband and two sons and their wives, and even children from them.
– And how? Got a new apartment?
– Yeah, – smiled the stranger is One of the daughters-in-law twins to the pile bore.
– Severely…
– And then! And quit praying, or rather stopped asking. And after a year, all of them were given new apartments. Sometimes you need to let go of to get. But, you know, getting a separate apartment, this woman is quite saharel. The husband died and she was left alone. Apartment given in different parts of Moscow, and her legs began to take. No, the sons came with their grandchildren, but every day she walked along the empty apartment in search of a baby crying, banal abuse between relatives, such a nice and hard for her family noise. Anyway, everyone gets what he wants.
– Yes, really…Especially me.
Why? You always got what you wanted. Do you remember your first prayer?
– Where. I don’t remember what it was yesterday.
– Drink less necessary. Okay, if you forgot, let me remind you. You asked that God gave you the job.
– Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah, yeah… And he gave! That gave that…
– What do you want in 16 years to be? CEO?
Well, at least I could make it softer, I was under the impression that I snow removed in the next 10 years.
– What do you want? Money don’t come easy. But it didn’t help you, remember?
And then you asked her to come back, and she came back. Only that?
– She no longer needed them ” I sighed.
– About that and speech, you all get what you want sooner or later.
The service began, the congregation began to be grouped together, the Church was filled with what was terribly cramped and stuffy.
– Come on, let’s walk ” said the stranger – to Me from these songs is bad
– Not baptized?
– A good joke. Come on, and then will not release, look like for grace bursting, ready to kill. Here it is the power of faith!
We went out into the yard, and approached the bench, which was located nearby.
That territory will come? Dying for a smoke… – I suggested.
– Have patience, I came out not to breathe the smoke.
– 1000 years want to live? – I smiled and sat down on the bench.
It is not enough ” he sighed
On the temple grounds and ran into a girl in a hurry, putting on a handkerchief…
– Sorry, but the service has already started? “she asked
– Yes, – I replied.
– Thank you – she ran to the Church, crossing themselves on the go.
– Beautiful…
– Nothing… ” sighed the stranger.
– Come on! Beautiful!
– I mean, nothing it will be gone. Yesterday, the abortion did today ran to atone for. But, she will never be. Pray, ask, but…
– What about second chances, redemption?
– The atonement? Chance? resented a stranger to You, how many chances do not come, you get them as kittens to drown in the depths of its own meaningless existence. There is no draft.
– You are confusing me! No chance, praying is stupid, life is stupid. Where do not spit around the darkness.
– You haven’t seen the darkness and God forbid you ever see. It’s not the prayer, not even in the faith, and certainly not the crosses and icons. The most to you in your life. You don’t have today, you have tomorrow, you do not, even after a few hours. You have the second where you are now. And it defines your past and your future. You can commit a bad act, and then to run and to seek redemption, and can do some good and the time you would spend in prayer, you will spend more on one good deed. So, second by second, the act behind the act and to shape your life. And only you can make that in your book of life will be. Solid schools and prayers or good deeds. He doesn’t need your prayer, he needs your every second lived with…
– It is impossible to do only good deeds! It is Holy, then it must be.
– Just try – I got up from the bench and a stranger – Try it – he went to the Church.
I also stood up from the bench and walked out the Church, pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit up. From the Church popped up, a familiar girl, she went beyond the territory and turned around:
– Oh, sorry again. And can I bum a cigarette from you? “she asked
I handed her the pack and lighter. She lit it.
– Thank you…
– Girl – I called her
– Yes? – she turned.
“You’re very beautiful, you’ll be fine – I smiled.
Hmm, thanks – she went away from the temple.
The sun was playing with its beams on the domes of the temple, the believers fervently prayed, wasting seconds.

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