Preparing to celebrate the anniversary – drive 1 Terabit soon 50 years old!

IBM 1360 Photo-Digital Storage System
And it is not necessary to turn up the face (pardon the expression!). The first microprocessor Intel 8008 was created just 5 years later, in the spring of 1972. With crazy parameters – clock frequency of 200 kHz, 8-bit bus, 16 KB of addressable memory. On stone 3500 transistors!

If you remove from the eyes of “the law”, which was coined by the authors only as a medium-term forecast remains the rapid growth of the opportunities provided by transhistorically industry. However, the growth of computing possibilities-a difference, a negative factor which was the waste of possibilities of cheap mass-effect transistors, because for the wasters they are free. For example, during contopire “Leningrad-2” with 48 kilobytes of RAM and a 2 MHz eight-bit processor was fundamentally unknown phenomenon of corrosivity of contoire. All programs worked satisfactorily predictable, if only managed to load them from the cassette. Now kontuper with 16 gigabytes of memory and 64-bit processor how many GHz can not cope with the input text to this message, a bit irritating and predictable braking. Why and how did this happen? Programs for Sinclair wrote the people with the specialization of computer engineer — the same type of people who created the computer management system of nuclear combat in real-time for missile defense systems “safeguard” or “A-135”. And today, with the exception of widely known in narrow circles of groups, programs for the computer writing semi-abizyan motor hyperactivity, sometimes under the overall guidance of the mad Abizhanov from the marketing Department. The consequences are expressed in physical quantities: it is the watts consumed in senseless computing power, gigabytes and gigahertz wasted on serial abitante, and ultimately wasted resources, time and patience of the people. The treatment is simple surgical: energy and the transistors are in reality paid, and paid for belong to them, because the transistors must be paid for the program. In turn, the work computer enrineers should also be paid to avoid the competition with the vast herds of Abizhanov. In this exchange the counter values must be set the cost of those functions that people need and that are worth the effort of engineers. And abizyan with his free bad code will pay for the pleasure to push, but it will last long. I know that none of this will be because with some pleasure to watch the agony of this vicious market model and also of the sect of witnesses of the singularity. 🙂

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