Preparing white guard rebellion?

Prise it’s time to tear the mask from the “masters”…

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30 Jul dear Saturday night was caught on the channel Russia 24 the film “Wrangell. The path of a Russian General. The first movie”. 5 minutes of browsing and rolled nausea, the same as from the perpetuation of another “Russian General” – Mannerheim. The audacity with which the myths impose the white rolls!

Memorial plaque to Carl Mannerheim appeared in Saint-Petersburg on the facade of the building at zakharievskaya street, 22, 16 June. Here until 1917 he was assigned to a cavalry regiment, which served Mannerheim. The opening ceremony was attended by the head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky and the former Chairman of the Central election Commission Vladimir Churov.

Why baptized Churov well said here.
To perpetuate the memory of the “Russian General” Mannerheim, one can say – is a mockery of the memory of 600 thousand citizens who died in the blockade that was keeping the Mannerheim from the North. However the people will not rest until it is removed, before she once again doused with red paint.

I elaborated on the history of the Mannerheim order to draw attention to the fact, as to justify the perpetuation of the memory of him, the mechanism is the following:
“Indeed, Sergei Ivanov today involved in the opening of a memorial Board, and, indeed, still the person of Mannerheim is controversial. But absolutely definitely can say that this is an outstanding personality, is personality related to our history, and identity, the role of which will long be studied by historians, “—said Peskov on a question about how the Kremlin relate to the installation of the Board Marshall, who took the side of Germany in world war II and participated in the siege of Leningrad.

Hitler a great person? Is relevant to our history? Controversial? Historians study? Understand that anyone can be so praise?
“Russian General” Mannerheim, for example, decided not to remember the activities after 1918, And there is nowhere to put the stigma and the genocide of Russian in Finland, the siege of Leningrad… the Position of organizers that emerges is this: the Whole personality will not be considered, only what we need, and that we should not pretend that it is not.
What we can see in the film about Wrangel?
He also selectively and sugary praised. And the ending of the movie literally with anguish, Wrangel better of the Bolsheviks, he paid workers more than the Bolsheviks, he gave to be published in the Newspapers to all who wanted it better … better… better… He is for Russia, he only defended her…
And then complain about the French, who blackmailed Wrangel promised to provide the Navy exchange as much as the entire trade fleet of Russia! Well good allies chose Wrangell, to defend Russia. Unlike the Bolsheviks, leaning on his people, who answered them in return. To the question about the real patriots of Russia, the Red Army on 30 % was stocked by the Royal officers, such as the famous Brusilov.
But in the film, we paint Wrangel representative of the national-minded people, legitimate Russian…
Let me remind you, by 1920, the Red Army numbered over 3 million people against tens of thousands of white, this is the way of legitimacy.
Other pearls will not list the film consists of them almost entirely, who cares let’s look at separately in the review.
Below movie:

Now this is why I have a strong feeling the impending rebellion.
Pay attention to the filmmakers. In the beginning flaunts “the Russian Fund of Culture”. View what is known and what person there are.

The familiar person? Their partisanship at the expense of Russian, and especially Soviet period of history think known. A small tip:
Dmitry Sergeevich Likhachev was a Soviet and Russian philologist, cultural anthropologist, art historian, academician (Academy of Sciences of the USSR until 1991). The Chairman of the Board of the Russian (Soviet until 1991) culture Foundation (1986-1993).
Interesting story biography, marking his attitude to the Soviet period of history:

In 1927 D. S. Likhachev, p. P. Moshkov and a number of members of the “Brotherhood of St. Seraphim of Sarov” has created a circle called “Cosmic Academy of Sciences” (CAS). Likhachev later claimed that all the activities of KANG was entirely humorous in nature. However, as stated in the indictment, KAHN was engaged in, including political issues: “Report Moshkova about the dominance of Jews in Russia, “Jews and Russia … comparing Soviet power with the power of the “Jewish community”, argued that the current Advice (a form of government in the USSR), not Russian, and Jewish institutions that the revolution in Russia is an attempt by the Jews to prove his power on one of the modern European States…”. To KAHN were “most appropriate “thought and spirit”, i.e. people who believe that “Russia there is now incredible in the world history of oppression and violence against a living thought, edited by Judaic security officers”.
And later Likhachev:

We had a story no worse and no better than other peoples.

We ourselves have to answer for our current situation, we in the answer before time and should not blame everything on their worthy of all respect and veneration of ancestors, but at the same time, of course, have to consider serious consequences of the Communist dictatorship.
From the article “you Cannot hide from ourselves” published in the journal “New world”, 1994, №6. The full text here.
Then “the Federal Agency for press and mass communications” is a public institution that had a hand in the creation of the film that undermine his story. In fact, for our money we shoved the newly-minted “hero of Russia” Wrangel.

In the end, we see everyone involved in the laundering of Wrangel from the betrayal of Russia. Let us carefully list all.

Elena Nikolaevna Chavchavadze a Russian journalist, Director, screenwriter, social activist.
Married to Zurab Mikhailovich Chavchavadze (b. 1943), the representative of the Georgian princely family; his family returned to the Soviet Union from exile in 1947.
He became the founder founded in December 2006, the Fund’s “Return”, advocate the return of historical traditions, moral values and names that existed in Russia until 1917, and rejected during the years of Soviet power.

And now we turn our attention to her husband:
Prince Zurab Mikhailovich Chavchavadze was born January 22, 1943 in Paris. Father — Mikhail Chavchavadze, officer of the life guards Horse-Grenadier regiment. In 1920-e years emigrated to France. In 1948 he returned to the USSR, then head of the family was arrested and imprisoned in the GULAG, and Mary L., with the children exiled to Kazakhstan. Rehabilitated in 1956.
Today the General Director of Charity Fund of Saint Basil the Great. Director of the Orthodox gymnasium of St. Basil the Great in the village of zaitsevo.

A few words about his monarchist views.
Seen in the conflict in the Donbass. The people who worked under the supervision of Chavchavadze, Alexander Boroday and Igor Strelkov, tried to organize a rebellion in the Donbass, passed Bandera Slovyansk and half of the territory of the DNI with a view that the insurgency will move into the territory of Russia.

Zurab Chavchavadze was one of the signers of the “Open letter” in the name of Putin, Medvedev, Pivovarova, Lavrov, Svanidze, Sobyanin, Patriarch Kirill, Kasparov, etc. you can read More about here — “66, or an Ultimatum to Putin”, the essence of the letter in 2 quotes:
“Release the Red square from the cemetery, in which are Stalin and Lenin’s other partners. Urns with ashes of the fighting generals buried at a memorial cemetery near Mytishchi… In our opinion, it is necessary to burn the body of Lenin in the Crematorium, the ashes Packed in a steel cylinder and put it in a deep trench of the Pacific ocean. If you bury it at the Volkov cemetery in St. Petersburg, the disgruntled citizens can blow up Lenin’s tomb, damaging nearby grave… on October 26-28, 2012 in St. Petersburg hosted the world Congress of compatriots. With a welcoming letter to the Congress appealed to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and urged other compatriots to participate in the development of the Russian economy through the introduction of new technologies and investments. But such requests will not be met without making Lenin out of the Mausoleum and the elimination of the cemetery on red square”.
More rough and high-handed blackmail of the President of Russia is difficult to imagine, but the desire to wipe their feet on Victory (even the ashes of the military generals wanted the red square to throw) we will not comment in detail because everything is clear.

A relative of Zurab Chavchavadze Chavchavadze, George N. was an officer in ROA (Wehrmacht), i.e. Vlasov.
The Foundation of St. Basil the Great was one of the key creators (sponsors), National parent Association (NRA), which in 2013 from the position of supposedly Orthodox Orthodoxy lobbied for the introduction in Russia of juvenile justice.
Basil the Great Foundation closely cooperates with the U.S. organization “the World Congress of Families” (“the world Congress of families”), to withdraw it through the very right-wing American circles. It is symbolic that in the “world Congress of families” the curator for Russia is an open and very famous ecumenica Janice Kraus. In the same story illuminates the connection of the considered subject “American Enterprise Institute” (and this is very, very seriously).
The Executive Director of the NRA Komov said that “the national parent Association relies on the support of the Fund of Basil the Great and such big business players like Evgeny Yuriev.
Vlasovite Chavchavadze hands their spouses and at state expense laundering Wrangel, but they are not unique in this cohort. To help them tear state channel in the face:

The one who is in Prime time we are trying the truth visuality suddenly becomes in one row with Chavchavadze. But that’s not all.

Shakhnazarov interesting was watching what he was up to? Foreign funds are also an interesting thing, if you dig a little deeper all the same white emigre Vlasov ears stick out.
Count Sergey Pahlen is also a member of the Fund of Saint Basil the Great” and also signed the ultimatum to Putin, mentioned above. It’s all the same khewra Vlasov, who tried to build the rebellion in the Donbass.
The film is about the Wrangel courteous marked the first, i.e. we should expect a new Vlasov libel in Prime time on the state channel?
The feeling is persistent and foul-smelling about the hasty preparation of a new rebellion. For example on the streets of Saratov reappeared billboards “Forgive us Sire”… Probably the haste associated with the centenary of the October revolution in the next year and have time “to return to Russia, which they lost.”

Mr. Naryshkin knowingly warns, the state Duma can already feel what we prepare.

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