Riddles trick

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See how you feel?

1. Three tractor has a brother Sergei and Sergei of the brothers there. Could it be?
2. On the table lay two coins in the amount they give you 3 rubles. One of them is not 1 ruble. What are the coins?

3. The room was lit 50 candles, 20 of them blew out. How many will remain?
4. If 12 o’clock is raining, can we expect that after 72 hours will be Sunny weather?
5. On the edge of the table and put a tin can, tightly closed lid, so that 2/3 of the banks dangled from the table. After some time the Bank fell. What was in the Bank?
6. There are two chemical elements to create another element?
7. As you know, all native Russian female names end in either “a” or “I”: Anna, Maria, Olga, etc. However, there is one and only female name that does not end with neither “a” nor “I”. Name it.
8. Name five days of not calling numbers (e.g.., 1, 2, 3,..) and names of days (eg. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…).
9. When the black cat is the best to get into the house?
10. On the table are a ruler, pencil, compass and eraser. On paper we have to draw the circle. Where to start?
11. One train goes from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a delay of 10 minutes, and another — from St. Petersburg to Moscow with a delay of 20 minutes. Which of these trains will be closer to Moscow when they meet?
12. Out of the nest and flew three swallows. What is the probability that in 15 seconds they will be in the same plane?
13. What speed should run a dog not to hear the clatter of pans, tied to its tail?
14. One revolution around the Earth the satellite takes 1 hour and 40 minutes and the other for 100 minutes. How can this be?
15. The roof of one house is not symmetrical: one slope is an angle of 60 degrees, the other angle is 70 degrees. Suppose a rooster lays an egg on the ridge of the roof. In what direction will the egg fall towards a more gentle or steep slope?
Answers under the cut:
1. Yes, if the tractor were women, or talking about different Sergeac.
2. 2 rubles and 1 ruble. Not one 1 ruble, but the other 1 ruble.
3. There will be 20: blow the candle will not burn completely.
4. in 72 hours it will be midnight again.
5. A piece of ice.
6. Yes, galvanic.
7. Love.
8. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow.
9. Many immediately say, that night. Everything is much simpler: when the door is opened.
10. Need to get a sheet of paper.
11. At the time of the meeting, they will be at the same distance from Moscow.
12. 100% , because three points always form one plane.
13. This task in the company immediately identifies the physics: physicist says immediately that she needs to run at supersonic speed. Of course, the dog is enough to stand still.
14. 1 h 40 min = 100 min
15. Roosters don’t lay eggs.

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