Right in Latin America (translated article)

Offer to your attention an analytical article about the right-wingers in Latin America, is a peculiar and very revealing portrait of the leaders of Argentina and the Venezuelan opposition. In the article a lot of unknown facts.
Source: Spanish website Rebelion

Author: Claudia King (Claudia Korol)
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Maduro against Makri: duel at continental scale
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These notes are written in the key of metaphor. Here Makri is not just don Mauricio, and Maduro is not only the political heir of Chavez. Regardless of personal strengths and weaknesses, Makri Manager transnational’s corporations that ruled Argentina and Nicolas Maduro – the expression of the will of a significant part of the Chavez faithful people, soprotivlyaemostI the onslaught of right-wing parties in continental and global scale.

In the current fight between them, Makri used the summit of heads of state of MERCOSUR [1] in Paraguay, to demand the release “of political prisoners in Venezuela”. The so-called Leopoldo Lopez and the group of organizers of the coup and corruption charges, sent to the Venezuelan justice system in prison after he was proven responsible for the creation of a hotbed “paracos” (paramilitary gangs) involved in the destabilization of the Bolivarian revolution.

In the days before the summit, sources from the Argentine foreign Ministry had received notice that Makri might require the exclusion of Venezuela from MERCOSUR, by resorting to the “democratic clause” [2]. In response to this interference in the internal Affairs of his country, Nicolas Maduro during radiotelevisionOh program “In contact with Maduro”, said: “In Argentina took over right-wing, neo-liberal, extremist, enteratinmentUnitsky and deep antimalarialss choice. Makri – bourgeoisie of the elite, and all appointed by the government are the cream of the elite. I think you’ll end up very bad, Senor Makri”. And completed the match with the words: “May you answer the people on the streets when the time comes”. In turn, Diosdado Cabello, head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, speaking in the weekly program of the state channel “Venezolana de Television”, said about Susanna Malcorra, the Argentine Minister of foreign Affairs: “It was here I took her in my office; it’s the CIA. Mrs. Makri its appointed Minister.”

Maybe this is immature, reckless attacks? Let’s see…


Mauricio Macri took the fight for the liberation of Leopoldo lópez Mendoza as a genuine Crusader of the international authorities. Already on the day of his nomination for the presidency in the “bunker” movement “Cambiemos” [3] in Buenos Aires you could see Tintori Lillian, wife of Venezuelan rebel. It is worth Recalling: Leopoldo lópez has been an active participant in the coup against Chavez in 2002 than publicly boasted, and was sentenced to 13 years and nine months in prison for the device “guarimbas” –protests against the government of Nicolas Maduro, accompanied by violence, causing extensive damage to the state institutions and claimed the lives of 43 Venezuelans.

The fate of Mauricio and Leopoldo can be seen in the same mirror. Both of them are sons, grandsons and heirs of political groups, who own economic power in their countries.

Leopoldo lópez Mendoza – great-nephew Eugenio Mendoza, owner of Cargill, the Bank of La Guaira, the company “Venepal” and the cement factory “Vencemos”. He is also a relative of the businessman Lorenzo Mendoza, owner of the beer company Polar, one of the companies leading an economic war against the Bolivarian revolution [4]. Its owner, according to Forbes magazine – one of the richest men in Latin America with a personal fortune of about 2.7 billion dollars.

Mauricio Macri is the heir to a powerful family in Argentina. His father, Franco Macri heads one of the most important business groups that owns in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay enterprises related to construction, automotive industry, communications, waste collection and food industry. Possession of the family of Makri were increased during the military dictatorship, which allowed him to join seven former enterprises 39. By engaging in so-called “homeland contract”, it led business with the state, enjoying the special patronage of the then President of the Central Bank Domingo Cavallo (the one sat in the place of honor on the date of Mauricio as President), which turned the debts of hundreds of private firms in the state.


Various commentators have tried to bring these “new right”, calling them “reasonable”. But it is worth the suspicion to the sources of this “reasonableness”.

Already not accepted to speak openly about secret activities of the intelligence services “gringo” [5]. In many countries they denounced the role of the U.S. Agency for international development (Usaid) and National endowment for democracy (NED) as instruments of Yankee interventionism. Political paranoia? Historical “conspiracy theory”? Continue…

Cousin of Leopoldo lópez, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza (Mendoza Harlvorssen Thor), founded in 2005 non-governmentalorganization ing the “Foundation of human rights” (Human Rights Foundation) domiciled in new York; with the funding from NED and Usaid, she has been involved in the processes of destabilization of countries such as Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela. “The Foundation of human rights” receives money from financial corporations Black Rock, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and others.

Argentine journalist Stella Calloni in an article published in the Cuban publication Cubadebate, reported that NED “convicted of involvement in the coup against President Hugo Chavez in April 2002, as follows from documents of the American government acquired by virtue of the Act on freedom of information (Freedom of Information Act)”. She also writes that “in Venezuela, the NED funded a dozen organizations and political parties of the type “Join” (Súmate), “Leadership and vision”, “Educational Assembly,” the “Justice first” (Primero Justicia), “Project Venezuela”, “consortium of Justice” and other”.

As for Argentina, Stella Calloni exposes NED and Usaid ties with organizations such as the Center for openness and development in Latin America (Cadal), Fund “Freedom to grow” (predecessor Fund “think” (Pensar) – forge PRO frames [6]), the Center for the implementation of public policies for equity and growth (Cippec), party “Union for all” by Patricia Bullrich (related to the group UnoAmérica) and Fund the “Vital voices of” Laura Alonso (who received funding from the “Fund-starvatika” [7] Paul singer).

The Union of democratic organizations of America (UnoAmérica), headed by Alejandro peña Esclusa, the organizer of the coup in Venezuela, has filed in the Commission on human rights OAS, “accusing” the government of Evo Morales in “crimes against humanity”. Guillermo Janko, husband of Patricia Bullrich, the presidencyshould in the Argentine Institute of research (Idear), which is a Network of political parties that actively participated in attempts to destabilize Argentina, Bolivia and Venezuela. In the “Thought” is also involved Julio Cirino, judged II by the presence of the Federal chamber on the charges that during the dictatorship he served under the alias “Jorge Contreras” in the battalion No. 601 army intelligence, where he was involved in the “traceless disappearance” activists “Montoneros” [8]. Cirino led “task force 7” in the Centre of intelligence battalion No. 601, where he had close ties with the American Embassy.

Today, some of the above characters included in the Cabinet Makri. Patricia Bullrich – a new Minister of security, and Laura Alonso – chief Anticorruptionth Bureau. Others include the “brain trust”, acting from behind the scenes.

Journalist Eva Golinger wrote that in 1984, the U.S. Congress created four institutes related to NED: units of both US parties – the international Republican Institute (IRI) and national democratic Institute (NDI) and the Centre for private predprinimatelTSS (Cipe), to work among the entrepreneurs, and the Center of solidarity with the trade unions [9]. Leftist French journalist Jean-guy Allard wrote that in 2002 in Venezuela, IRI “did Frank “grease” anticavity different groups. IRI actively participated in the operations in support of the April 2002 coup against President Hugo Chavez… He funded “Justice above all”, the current batch of criminal Capriles Radonski, participant of the storming of the Embassy of Cuba, later exposed and officially indicted by Prosecutor Danilo Anderson, who was heinously murdered”.

Argentina’s close ties with the IRI has PRO. In 2007 Santiago O’donnell in his book “Argenleaks” wrote that Mauricio Macri, the head of government of the Autonomous city of Buenos Aires, has met regularly with U.S. Embassy officials in Argentina. Makri – as detailed in the telegram of the political Consul of the United States Mike Mather was assured that his Foundation “grow and Grow” together with the IRI and the German Foundation Konrad Adenauer worked on the preparation of new leaders. This Foundation gave rise to the party’s “Commitment for change”, which in 2005 merged with the party of Ricardo Lopez Murphy facility-related “Freedom”, creating a PRO.

The accusation, thrown by one of the leaders of the PSUV [10] Diosdado Cabello, the Argentine Minister of foreign Affairs, Susanna Malcorra, was still in the air, when she became embroiled in a new scandal. Became known for her role in covering up sexual assaults committed by UN peacekeeping forces – the “blue helmets” – in Centralnoticecoast Republic (CAR). According to the American magazine Foreign Policy (dated 17 December), during the period when Malcorra was head of the Cabinet of the UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon, received the publicity of sexual violence committed by “peacekeepers” from Guinea-Conakry, Chad, Equatorial Guinea and young in a refugee camp in the Central African Republic. To prevent these exposures, the current Minister of foreign Affairs of Argentina pursued a Swedish UN official, Anders Kompass, who has handed the information to French authorities.


Ten years ago, in November 2005, in Mar del Plata, held a historic summit, at which, in continuation of the struggle popular movements of the continent, United by the requirement of “No – ALKA [11]!”, the presidents, led by Hugo Chavez and also according to the decision of the Argentine and Brazilian presidents, néstor Kirchner and Lula Da Silva, sent Also to hell, having rejected the US-proposed agreement blindly “open economies” latinoamerikanskiand Caribbean countries with submission to their hegemony both in economic and in political and military sphere.

This is one of the aspects that you want to revise, using the impetus given by the government of the Argentine participation in Transitionersth Alliance – now the largest in the history of international agreement on “free trade”. This agreement, like the FTAA ten years ago, carries with it the undermining of the rights of workers, destruction of local industry, increased unemployment due to the closure of small and medium enterprises who cannot compete with multinationalmi. One of the worst aspects of the agreement – Chapter on the right to intellectual property. She threatens to expand the capabilities of large pharmaceutical companies, putting under the ban of Autonomous research and sale of drugs on a natural basis, to clear the path of the products of corporate laboratories.


Concern Makri human rights and his crusade for the liberation of Leopoldo Lopez would have remained unconvincing performance puppets, if the major media – the means of power and part of it – did not represent the organizers of the coup, corrupt officials and hired killers the leaders of the new democracy. Not by chance one of the new measures being studied by the Argentine government, the exit of Argentina from TELESUR [12].

But let’s see what “democratic forms” Crusader manages Argentina. For the first fifteen days of its predprinimatelof the Board who, without benefiting from the first put the President on the vacation, he began to tackle priority issues through “decrees of necessity and urgency”. For example, held anticonstitutioning the appointment of two judges of the Supreme Court, after jumping through the necessary procedure of approval of the Senate (he then had to take a step back). Also by decree, he changed the functions of the Federal administration of audiovisual communication services (Afsca), created by the Law on audiovisual communication services for communications regulation monopoly, and the Federal office of information technology and communications (Aftic), subordinating both of these independent organ of the Ministry of communications. In the same way it announced a review of contracts with civil servants, lifted restrictions on the exchange, has introduced “free floating” of the peso to the dollar, removed restrictions on export of products of agriculture and industry, announced the forthcoming abolition or reduction of subsidies to water, electricity, transport. This will mean a new growth of the external debt and gross transfer of resources to the privilegedcircles in the villages and towns.

Still does not silence the echoes of the fight at the summit of MERCOSUR and requirements Makri to Venezuela “to respect human rights”, when the protest of workers of the Argentine poultry companies Cresta Roca, blocked part of the highway was “allowed” them to a violent crackdown by the gendarmerie. These actions clearly demonstrated what was declared in those days: the new decree which established a “national state of emergency on security”, the creation of a “Committee on human security” to counter social protest. “No tolerance to the protesters,” declared Mauricio Macri. It is about policies that impede our right to defend their rights and heralding the strengthening of repressive measures to keep in check the response performance of the Argentine people.


At the end of last year, Argentina was rocked by two events. The first is the escape from prison of higher security for the three men convicted of a triple crime in the sensational case of the sale of ephedrine. “Accidentally” (and to the satisfaction of the critics of the government) one of the recent escapees had previously rendered great service to the election campaign, Macri, accused of incitementto crime Anibal Fernandez, former head of Cabinet Cristina fernández de Kirchner. At the time, Anibal Fernandez ran for Governor of the province of Buenos Aires. Supporters of the government and the opposition blame each other in covert operations by these mafia free.

This event, as well as a dark episode when you first felt that there were Clara Anahi, granddaughter Chi Chi Mariani (stolen by the military during the dictatorship) [13], and then it was refuted in the intricate system of intrigue, make people think that the secret services actively interfere in the policy of the government, not shrinking from nothing. It is clear that the Central thesis of the “party of order” – “Given the safety! – has in mind not the interests of the majority and elites. As want the liberation of Leopoldo Lopez in Venezuela, so arrange the escape from prison of the sons of the powerful in Argentina.


Despite all the coups and concelebrate, our Nations continue to struggle. In Argentina almost every day there are speeches in defence of gains, rights and achievements. In Venezuela the society has sounded the alarm to defend and strengthen socialism emerging in communes.

The coming months will be important. They will show, in how many countries of the continent will be able to get the best policy to overcome sectarianism and dogmatism, both on the national and continental level to establish the necessary dialogue and, on the basis of strategic criteria, tipping the balance in favor of the peoples.
Explanatory notes of the translator:

1 MERCOSUR is a Spanish acronym for the names of the largest integration bloc of South American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela and Bolivia. Established in 1991 in the context of neoliberal reforms (hence the name “Common market of the South”), but with the beginning of “left turn” in most member countries was filled with progressive content.
2 it comes to the provision of Charter documents of a number of inter-American organizations, allowing intervention in the Affairs of sovereign countries in the case of an installed them in these organizations “violations of democracy”. – Here and henceforth translator’s remarks.
3 Cambiemos (literally means: “let’s change” – something like the infamous refrain of perestroika: “We first ofm of change”) – electoral block, the candidate is M. Makri 22 November 2015, was elected President of Argentina by a margin of just a half percent of the vote.
4 Polaris not just a brewery, and a monopolistic Corporation, controlling a significant part of the food industry and supermarket chain, which allows it to systematically sabotage the foode supply of Venezuela.
5 “Gringo” – one of the nicknames of the North Americansin Latin America, more hostile than the Yankees.
6 PRO – the acronym for the name of the party M. Makri “Propuesta Republicana” – “Republican proposal” (the literal meaning of the abbreviation “FOR”), who headed the 2015 elections block Cambiemos.
7 “Funds-starvatiKi” (fondos buitres) – popular in Argentina name of corporations engaged in buying up cheap debt of countries in default, and then presenting thesem countries wasteful, purely usurious claims. Having bought in Argentina during the 2001-2002 default of obligations not more than 7% of its external debt, “the vultures” refused to recognize the agreement on debt restructuring reached by the governments of N. Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez with the vast majority of creditors. After many years of non-recognition of claims of “vultures” by the international community, in recent years the courts of USA have met their needs, which contributed to destabilization of the situation in Argentina and other countries of the “left turn”.
8 “Montoneros” (from the Spanish word “monton – “heap”) – during the civil wars of the XIX century in several countries of Latin America the name of the militias. In Argentina 70-ies years of XX century the so-called military-politicalorganization Kai left wing justicialistsabout (Peronist) movement, formed the core of the labor movement. After the military coup of 1976 “Montoneros” and other left-wing organizations were subjected to bloody defeat. With “Montoneros” relates the political activity of future presidents néstor Kirchner and Cristina fernández.
9 see: Code Holinger E. Chavez.
10 PSUV – the Spanish acronym for the ruling United socialist party of Venezuela.
11 ALCA is the Spanish acronym for free trade Area of the Americas project of creating a political-economiceconomic scale megablock in the Western hemisphere, proposed by the USA in 1994
12 TELESUR single radiotelevision thecompany of a number of Latin American countries, created on the initiative of Hugo Chavez.
13 It comes to criminal practice of kidnapping young children of political prisoners and “disappeared”, i.e. tortured and killed by the secret services of the junta, of people. Children transferred to education in families of the military and other “trustworthy”. During the reign of N. Kirchner and Cristina Fernandez mOST of them are already adults were found, including efforts by public organizations of relatives of the fallen “Mothers of the may square” (now the “Grandmothers of the May square“), and the perpetrators of murders and kidnappings convicted. Now pin sites of Makri has started the rehabilitation of the executioners.

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