Samsung has introduced a new SSD-drive capacity of 32 TB

The drive is designed for V-NAND technology 4th generation

SSDS are becoming more popular systems for storing information. The main reason for the SSD production reduces the cost, the price of SSDs is reduced, the recording density increases. They are now available for a much wider range of buyers than it was 2-3 years ago. Manufacturers are not resting on our laurels and trying to develop more and more perfect, fast and energy-efficient drives with more memory.

Recently, Seagate introduced the most capacious in the world the SSD with a capacity of 60 TB. Samsung Corporation has announced about the release of several less capacious drive with capacity of 32 TB. But this system was created by V-NAND technology of the 4th generation, which helped to achieve a more dense arrangement of information and to reduce the size of the drive. Size SSD Samsung 2.5 inch. and 3.5.
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