Science is silent…

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Again strained for highbrow uchonyh: in Moscow, in the center – the Theatre square dug underground pub with a broken bottle overseas wine …1814!!! Ie it’s like in Moscow practiced underground speakeasies? Cho us “everything” with his “loser teacher” in any memoir not a word? Thick nor lions, nor any Gogol about a life miserable Or is it all the same – the “cultural layer” in two and a half meters for fifty years?
Recently watched videos “uchenymi” subversives rockers. There pepper went on and on about what morons these Amateurs: well, it was worth to drag the Thunder stone in St. Petersburg, if in the 20th century the rock of similar dimensions for pedestal Mussolini in Italy was dragged with oxen, pouring rinks vegetable oil. Here is the pedestal of Peter the Great – took a plunged on the shore of the Gulf of Finland on a barge and brought to the other side, well, there with the oxen is a matter of technique. That’s just pundit, in what was built Sea canal in St. Petersburg, and not across Marquis Puddles, and along to Kronstadt.
Well, about the age of 19th, he even excitedly: how – Vasily Andreyevich Zhukovsky, testifies himself, and a bunch of aliens show as raised Alexandriyski pillar. Sorry “our everything” – Alexander Sergeyevich, exactly on the eve of Peter faded, and then he would have told us. Well, no, besides from the Zhukovsky established evidence from many distinguished men who lived at that time about the Grand event. Well, Yes it is not necessary – is to raise the surviving copies of Newspapers of the time and the fact remains. Well as said Petya Isayev Vasily Ivanovich – well you told me not to swear, I could not, in this case, to say “X@y on the snout” – Vasily Andreyevich was one of those “Russian Columbuses of history” that we have it and they made up.
Here only in times of Vasily Andreyevich left heel has erected this monument:

Monument to Minin and Pozharsky. 1818
In the 21st century to make such was not the teeth that Nizhny Novgorod has supplied a reduced copy, and the pedestal could only be done from separate stones:

but in the days of Alexander has ottrahali of solid stone as the de facto technology of two centuries ago was steeper than we have available.
So here dear, Kazan, Omsk, what I wrote in a previous post, revealed clearly the first floors of buildings, and covered they were clearly recently in Omsk has not decayed even underground wooden door.
But we tired of that – the “cultural layer”, or more trenchant – architects were such idiots that built the underground floors with Windows and doors on top of each other underground and above ground is how do you get to the ground floor, if the feet of the pit leading to the dungeon. Such a thing – science is silent.

Obvious: the whole story until the early 20th century – a continuous invention of “columbuses of history” everything is exactly the same as the history of the ancient ukrov, and we need no about Newspapers and the memoirs of those years to fill in: why is that in them no hint about how the home was underground.

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