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Onbargenie parameters a Large shift. Part 1

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discussion 5* thousand kilometers to the new Pole for 6 hours on the website of Memocode.

A lot of letters, lots of digits, quite a bit sracha. Tedious, but you must preserve. In two parts, because beech is too much for one riposte.

Huge thanks ilyaa for calculation and patience)
The scenario in which mud flow past shear a speed of 1600 km/h or even 400 km/h passes through the territory of Russia and the building of the Hermitage remains intact and Alexander column does not fall looks unrealistic.
It is more likely that the shift will occur within a few days/weeks with speeds over 100 km/h.
In this case, apparently, a shift will happen for several turns.
Athanasiy Kaplya
In the article there is no word about speed and mud flow. The figures that it presents only the resulting vectors, the result of the addition of the velocity vectors of movement of the poles and changes the linear velocity of rotation around the axis and its direction as a result of changing latitude. What will be the speed of inertial flows in this hypothetical move will not tell you, even experts on hydro and aerodynamics. Too many factors need to be considered for each individual area of the planet — problem to a supercomputer for one month. Plus as hydro and atmosphere at the time of move — speed winds, currents, temperature, pressure. The wind at the beginning of the movement can be 50 or 100 km/h if it blows in the direction of movement will be one effect, the opposite of the other. Therefore, the colored arrows in the picture in the article — only the anticipated direction. Quantitative parameters are taken such for clarity. Other basic data included in the article — if You have the desire and possible, try to simulate more slow moving for several days/weeks with the appropriate speeds. It would be very interesting. By the way, could You disclose in detail the essence of “appearances”, why “shift happens over a few turns”?
rotation In response to the author Ilyaa.
I am also inclined to attribute the move to a slightly bigger time interval, but a couple of days — already too much — is excluded, for example, got into the Central continental and mountain areas.
It is important acceleration, not speed!
Ilyaa In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
In the article in black and white specified that the average travel speed for 24 hours is equal to 208 km/h, maximum 400 km/h.
The inertial velocity of the air flow will be comparable, and a little less water, because it will lose energy to friction with the surface of the earth that is dissipation destruction.
In any case, in this scenario excluded any survival:
Here’s why:
The wind.
The threshold of injury to a person — at a speed of garbage = 6.5 m/s 16.5 m/s — leads to 50% loss of 42 m/s — leads to 100% loss (Google damaging factors YAV)
That is, the maximum wind speed at which survive unprotected people/animals — 42 m/s or 150 km/h.
here is a good link about the wind speed
At such speeds, possible the preservation of buildings/structures.
However, we assume — Alexander column survived the previous cataclysm.
We also assume that the survived people/animals.
From this it follows that the velocity of the inertial flow should be no higher than 20 m/s or 70 km/h
Therefore, moving at 5000 km it will be possible to happen 70 hours, that is about three days.
Likely scenario — moving a week at a speed of 8 m/s or 30 km/h. (Say the eye — but you can simulate at what flow rate will drop the column).
About a few turns — if so, the transfer is going to happen much longer. And who said that he will be moving at 5000 km? Can be (the length of equator + 5,000 km) or to (length of equator * number of revolutions + 5000) km?. Then to move will be in the next couple of months or years, for example. Maybe moving in another direction or not in a straight line. What facts contradict this? It may be a series of changes… Because it is not clear the nature of the phenomenon of variants/models can be arbitrarily many. What’s wrong with option 5 thousand shifts to kilometers per day for 20 years?
Here’s what aspect. Phase of the move.
The first phase (acceleration), inertial flows move in the direction opposite to acceleration.
The second phase (constant rate of displacement) — the water that overflowed the land surface will flow back into the ocean (trench).
The third phase (braking) — inertial flows moving in the direction opposite to braking.
And the fourth phase (after moving) — same with the water, and in the second phase, only in the opposite direction.
If they have me (the first higher — just hydroaerodynamics, in the specialty, though not worked, but basic knowledge is).
I believe that “the speed of the winds, currents, temperature, pressure” — all of these can be neglected, because the move is not relevant.
memocode In response to the author Ilyaa.
The velocity of the inertial flow is highly dependent on location. Look at rinsing between South America and Antarctica, such a rinsing can create a very fast flow. 2 — 3 thousand kilometers to the side already there is no such effect.
Ilyaa In response to the author Ilyaa.
In previous comments I was wrong about the 4 phases. Such a model is not true.
Firstly, in case of slow moving at low speed acceleration/deceleration can be neglected.
Secondly, in the phase of constant speed the water will move by inertia, and not to merge back.
Still 2 phases:
1. move/shift the water moves in the direction reverse to the shift rises on land and moves accordingly to the terrain, filling the lowlands, in rivers, etc.
2. after the shift, the water flows back into the sea/oceans.
Ilyaa In response to the author rotation.
Important still speed, and not acceleration — the inertial flow, i.e. water stands on the spot and under it pulls up the drying.
2 weeks of not moving with the speed of a cyclist 4 m/s (14 km/h) thing. The building survives, people/animals will come up, but the huge areas will be flooded/covered with soil. It all fits together.
Ilyaa In response to the author of memocode.
Water can not form in solid rock be washed under normal conditions at any speed. Most likely there was volcanic activity and liquid molten rock transferred to the slow-flowing “westerly winds”, whose speed is several meters per second.
memocode In response to the author Ilyaa.
Ilyaa In response to the author of memocode.
I agree that may be rinsed.
“The catastrophic speed of erosion recorded on the Amu Darya — 1000-1200 m/year intensity of erosion 50 m/h and the front of the manifestations of the length of the river up to 3 km or more.”
But washing in the vicinity of Cape horn could be the result of prolonged exposure to the current “Western winds”. It does not have such sandblasting in floor of mega Pascal, which can be the Earth cut in half
Ilyaa In response to the author of memocode.
“The speed of the inertial flow very much depends on the place.”
Does not depend. The velocity of the inertial flow is the shear rate (if talking about the speed at the equator of the shift).
The direction of flow — Yes, depends on the terrain.
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
Thanks for the very valuable comment.
The end.
Right now on Grenlandia the wind is blowing at 117 km/h,90.00,750/loc=-40.790,59.964
Moving (for the described scenario) would be half-way in the direction of 90°, and in the end does the opposite. And You suggest this factor be ignored?
Could not agree more with the two phases. And it is better with three: 1) dispersal; 2) inhibition; 3) calming down inertial flows. As an intuitive lyricist wants to insist on two active phases — acceleration and deceleration. The planet is after all not the plane, operated by the pilot through the flight program.
Explain how the physicist, the lyrics that I remember a couple of school formulas, and then with the directory. Intuitively does not agree with the inertial Speed of the air flow will be comparable.” A very revealing analogy with the bus and the passengers. The slower accelerating bus, the easier it is to resist the passengers on his feet regardless of the maximum speed acceleration. But if the bus accelerates with a jerk (second derivative of speed) then in the salon there can be a pile-on. To simulate inertial flows when you Move with a jerk (figure 2) is too complex a task for poetry, school knowledge of physics which was only enough for the forecast of travel flows at a relatively uniform acceleration. Would be very curious if You managed to assess the effect of jerk when Moving in different time scenarios. But again intuitively it is difficult to imagine the cause of the jerk mass on a planetary scale. Obviously the cause must be of a comparable mass. So it is assumed that the velocity of the inertial masses will be considerably, perhaps an order of magnitude smaller rate of displacement of the lithosphere. Correct me please, if it is not.
The script to Move multiple revolutions +5000 was also considered. But in this case every time you Move on the entire surface of the planet will be ruled by a bi-directional chaos and split on the consequences of “even” and “odd” Move not possible. We are in the framework of the theory of Memocode clearly separate these effects. And although the article and Move on the Earth will not stand a tranquil place, all the same scenario, a one-time travel of poles to the 5000 km must leave well-defined traces. Travel for a few hours within a day. Such consequences should be looking for possible traces of past Movement using the proposed methods determine the direction of the inertial flows.
Ilyaa In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
Your script is wrong because of its catastrophic.
The facts I quoted (see above).
Now look the truth in the face:
1. Our ancestors how I managed to survive the previous shift.
2. The column is standing.
3. The Hermitage stands, covered with soil to 3 meters.
Compare 2 scenarios.
Your script last shift:
The shift occurs at supersonic speed for 6 hours.
1. Ancestors died.
2. The column collapsed.
3. Hermitage no.
My script last shift:
The shift occurs at the speed of 15 km/h for 15 days.
At the same time:
The water of the Arctic Ocean goes into the territory of Russia for hundreds of kilometers at speeds of 15 km/h.
1. Ancestors be saved along with the animals on the logs of the destroyed huts, and the trunks of uprooted trees.
2. The column is standing.
3. The Hermitage stands, it flooded and sililo the bottom of 3 feet.

After the shift, the water flows back into the ocean by rivers under the influence of gravity.
People go for it to restore the area after the flood.
In my scenario, the acceleration, braking, motion vectors of the Earth, inertial wind and other factors on speed in 15 km/h do not play any role.
Oh and sweet))
The biblical flood
After the construction of the ark, before the flood, Noah was !!!600!!! years
Water fell to the ground. The flood lasted for 40 days and nights
After 150 days the water began to subside, and in the seventeenth day of the seventh month the ark came to rest on the mountains of Ararat.
Sumerian-Akkadian mythology
…the flood lasted seven days and seven nights…
The legend of Atrahasis
…7 days and nights lasted the flood….
The legend of Utnapishtim
…The wind raged six days and seven nights the flood covered the entire earth without a trace…
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
Well. For example.
Have a route of 5000 km, time = 15 days = 360 hours (nice number)).
For example, the simplest variant — 2500 t km — uniform acceleration, the second half — uniform deceleration.
Acceleration = 1,19075 E-05 m/s.
Maximum speed = 27.8 km/h = 7.7 m/s. Quite impressive, but not impressive. Such Moving speed only in the middle of the road and only on the equator Move (about the difference between the vectors of the linear speed yet keep silent). The velocity of the inertial flow is even less recognized by bezsporno. In most parts of the planet’s surface speed less, and in areas of the poles of the Movement — full of grace within the weather fluctuations.
Now look at the dynamics.
1 hour — Travel speed = 0,15 km/h, the route is 77 meters. Rural ladies and gentlemen continue to drink their morning tea.
6 hour — SK. P. = 0,93 km/h, road = 2.8 km from The sensitive begin to feel that something was wrong.
12 hour — SK. D. = 1.85 km/h path = 11 km, the Observatory decided to give a telegram to the President. Birds to Pets went. Most sapiens begins to worry.
24 hours. 3.7 km/h to 44.5 km. the President has already made an appeal. Someone smarter than actively going, many already left. Put on the table for one last feast. Countless herds move in opposite tidal wave side. Journalists filming the heartbreaking stories about lions and lambs in the same order.
48 h 7 km/h 178 km away Viewers from areas of the pole Move absorb tons of popcorn watching the live stream beginning on floods in coastal areas of the equator Move…
And so on in the same spirit.
Where is kilometer tsunami, flood plateau at 4,000 m? Where raised from the depths of the ocean supercooled water instantly freezing the unwary mammoths with fresh grass in their stomachs?
And how not to take into account the difference in the vectors of a linear rotation, somewhere in the 45°, and then changing to prtivopolozhnyh, even if the speed of the landslide in a few m/s which is the time to prepare, to flee/to leave for You globally catastrophic?
rotation In response to the author Ilyaa.
In Noah the crash occurred is more significant than the shifting of the poles (is there a rainbow appeared that was not there before) .
In the myths, legends and fairy tales the number is a symbol, not the account.
Seven days and seven nights is full kirdyk, not seven days and seven nights.
Ilyaa In response to the author rotation.
“Seven days and seven nights is full kirdyk, not seven days and seven nights.” From this information? From a reliable source?))
By this logic, and the flood — not the flood, and so itself is a metaphor.
Ilyaa In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
About acceleration/deceleration.
Your 6-hour scenario, the acceleration takes 3 hours to speed of 1650 km/h
With the same acceleration to 30 km/h acceleration in 3 minutes.
Fully admit the possibility of such acceleration column does not fall, the eye is not even noticeable.
Accordingly, acceleration and deceleration in the calculations we neglect the (3 minutes — too small value of about several days)
Consider the shear rate is constant throughout the entire shift.
Take the 7 days as stated in the Scriptures.
Total: the Average speed for all 7 days is constant and equal to 30 km/h.
Well there you go.
I also vividly scenario shift hours/days to paint, so sometimes I will allow myself to quote You:)
For the first 2 hours and flooded all the coast to a depth of 60 km.
— Killed 100% of the inhabitants of the coastal cities
Some brave souls are trying to run away from oncoming waves, but in vain, running them short…
The first 6 hours after the flooding has passed a depth of 180 km
Dies 99% of the residents in the area of flooding
— Declared a General evacuation of the rest of the country
The next 6 hours, flooded 360 km
— evacuated 5% of the population from the flooded area (until the question — where and how? most likely nothing will come of it)
— Panic on all the other areas
The first day, flooded 720 km
…Quote: “raised from the depths of the ocean supercooled water instantly freezing the unwary mammoths with fresh grass in the stomachs”…
The second day 1500 km
The third day 2200 km

The sixth day 4320 km
… Quote: “kilometer tsunami pour plateau”…
The seventh day 5,000 km
A shift has occurred.
Went back. The water begins to drain back into the oceans, but on the eye it is not noticeable.
The process will take a few days/weeks/months/years (then not yet considered).
Saved 2-3% of the population and animals from areas of flooding.
These rare lucky people floating on logs formed in the ocean for seven days and pray to God for help. Someone has already managed to reach land — “Oh my God! Yes, it’s mount Ararat!”.

The second year after the shift — Peter the great begins to build St. Petersburg on a swamp

“In order for water was ignored in the movement terrain, it needs a constant source of energy. Any initial momentum gained by the water, ensures a stable movement of water UP the slope for hundreds of meters, and besides, repeating over and over again. ”
In order to have water come UP, it is sufficient that the resultant of the vectors of the force exceeds 9.8 m/s acceleration of free fall.
I.e. the slope of 45 degrees will flow water, if the acceleration is horizontal position to exceed the ones of 10 m/s All.
The problem is that from the point of view of the ocean, which will fill, those degrees should be considered from the shelf to the top of the mountain pass, which is on the possible ways to exceed the corresponding depth of the ocean where he has to crawl during the shift.
I.e., when the 180 degree rotation dry places almost does not remain, because the average depth is greater than the average elevation is above sea level. While 99.9% of humanity is washed off with a guarantee.
In response to the author of Kompas.
There was a view that without a shift of the poles of the impossible footprints, which was found by Grosveld.
Also coincided and the distance.
The maximum distance at which datek flow of Eurasia corresponds exactly to the distance of the last shift of the poles — 5,500 km.
A quote from the post:
“The distance from the pyramid to the current pole — 5300 kilometers. Inertial stream that went past the pyramid on the pass Le Perthus was almost at the maximum possible distance of approach to the mainland — 5,500 km.”
Calculations calculate the height of flooding sushi case shift:
1) “Flood” = 5000 km per week with a speed of 7 m/s.
2) 3) 4) — 5000 km for 6, 12, 24 hours respectively.
Calculations are given for the Arctic ocean and with some assumptions.
For example — we neglected energy dissipation (destruction, transfer, soil, etc.), figures are approximate, etc.
Solve the equation Ek=Ep
Ek — the Kinetic energy of the ocean in the communication of momentum shift
Ep — Potential energy of lifting of a layer of water on the land
Calculate the height of the inertial flow (depth of flooding).

The mass M of the ocean = S*H*pl= 17223500000000000000 kg
S = Area of the ocean 14060000000000 m2
H = the depth of the ocean 1225 m
pl = the Density of water is 1000 kg/m3

The kinetic energy of the ocean acquired by the communication speed v = 7 m/s
Ek=Mv2/2 = 17223500000000000000 *7*7/2 = 430587500000000000000 J.
All of this energy must move in the potential (lifting weight), calculated according to the formula Ep=mgh, where
mg — weight of water moved on the land
h — the height to which rises the mass
S*h*pl*g*h = S*pl*g*h2
S = the flooded Area = area of ocean = 14060000000000 m2
pl = the Density of water is 1000 kg/m3
g — acceleration of free fall = 10 m/s
S*pl*g = 140600000000000000 ed
calculated h2 = Ek/S*pl*g = 3062 => h = 55 m
Got the height of the inertial flow (the water depth) of the order of fifty meters.
The height of the flood for scenario 5000 km for 6 hours at speed of 231 m/s
Ek = 17223500000000000000 * 231*231/2 = 459531591750000000000000 J
h2 = Ek/S*pl*g = 3268361; h = 1.8 km is not a mistake in the calculation — this means that the ocean takes off half a mile in the sky!!! Why not — a speed comparable to the speed of a passenger airliner 🙂
The height of the flood for scenario 5,000 km in 12 hours at the speed of 111 m/s
Ek = 17223500000000000000 * 111*111/2 = 106105371750000000000000 J
h2 = Ek/S*pl*g = 754661.25; h = 868 m
The height of the flood for scenario 5000 km in 24 hours at the speed of 58 m/s
Ek = 17223500000000000000 * 58*58/2 = 28969927000000000000000 J
h2 = Ek/S*pl*g = 206045; h = 453 m
If any of the “fast” scenarios is the almost total flooding of the territory of Russia during the last shift, precluding the survival of people/animals.
In the slow scenario “flood” the flooding of the partial that fits the facts collected on the website
In response to the author of Kompas.
“Any initial momentum gained by the water, ensures a stable movement of water UP the slope for hundreds of meters”
“In order to have water come UP, it is sufficient that the resultant of the vectors of the force exceeds 9.8 m/s acceleration of free fall. I.e. the slope of 45 degrees will flow water, if the acceleration is horizontal position to exceed the ones of 10 m/s.”
Noble Dons!
In order to have water come UP you should give it some momentum (making the shift) and to block the possibility of a leak anywhere else (making terrain).
The water stops moving UP only after its kinetic energy Ek=mv2/2, acquired as a result of giving it a pulse when the shift will not go into the potential energy of the lift Ep=mgh.
While the water may be zero acceleration, which means that it moves with constant speed.
The value of the velocity is also of no importance. Water will flow up at any speed if more flow nowhere.
rotation In response to the author Ilyaa.
If the Bible is right, we are now living in the seventh day, and the previous six all were created. The majority of all commentators agree the word “Yom” — meaning “period”, but the main use thereof from those of the Jews today — “day.”
Behind the numbers in ancient texts should be more than a number. Therefore, talking about the symbolism of numbers.
Again about Nov. Rainbow appeared — which WAS NOT there before. The disaster was not from the category of ordinary peredvigat poles.
With respect..
rotation In response to the author Ilyaa.
Continue the conversation — it’s good that he started.
Athanasiy Kaplya says is true, that hydrodynamic calculations here is not easy. But what is obvious, let it be in the Studio. On the waters of the sea at different latitude coast run at different speeds. The velocity gradient to deny no one will. The surface, however, without bias.
With the influx of the water, behind the outcrop of the bottom:
there is a set of FORCES acting on water, not one inertial force.
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
Great! Thank you so much!
The question of how much the effects of dissipation on these numbers?
Second — how can get to wave 55 m on a plateau at 4,000 m? Because its acceleration would be orders of magnitude less than g. From the comments above with g became clear. But still not very clear why the water will climb up and will not change a direction? Let the wave would no longer be 55 m and 110 m, but why up and not sideways?
Apparently, You take the average speed.
From Your last comment: “With the same acceleration to 30 km/h acceleration in 3 minutes.” It is not clear why You think the acceleration of the 6-hour script and used it for two weeks?
Here Podvis important point. How momentum is transferred during the Move? Proposed a model uniform acceleration to the middle, then uniform braking to the end. And here You propose to disperse, if not the entire planet, but only the lithosphere to 30 km/h in 3 minutes instead of 180 hours at ravnomernoe model? It is hard to imagine. Intuitive lyric offers to remove the handbrake the car and push it to neutral to 2 km/h in two ways — in a second, and in half a minute. Lirik humanitarian rests his palms in the trunk and effortlessly rolls the vehicle 2 km/h in 30 seconds. Lyric then collects all the will in heel and kicks in the permitted second product of the industry. The product stays in place and gets an ugly dent. Then the lyricist takes a second Lada and slightly speeding pushes the object of experience. Object crushed the bumper, but the result — 2 km/h.
Thus, to disperse the lithosphere to 30 km/h in 3 min you make an impact on her comparable on the mass of the object, otherwise it will be just a hole/dent without a global shift at 5000 km. please Correct if something goes wrong.
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author rotation.
Yes, we fixated only on the shift of the poles, but much more could happen interesting.
What up rainbow. A typical explanation from creativecow — before the flood those waters that the Windows of heaven upon the earth forty days were drawn, was still in the sky something in the atmosphere was a thick layer of water vapor, to ensure stable parikova effect on almost the entire surface of the Earth. Accordingly, the Sun and other luminaries plainly visible’ve never been through this water layer, and hence the rainbow effect was impossible due to the lack of direct sunlight. This is usually added that the normal pressure was 2 ATM, and hence the partial pressure of oxygen is much higher. This affects the metabolism of all living things on the planet. There is a possibility of giant animals (at a higher pressure easier to drive blood to the height with greater oxygen saturation, the dinosaurs became extinct not so much from the physical effects, but from changes in atmospheric conditions that exclude the existence of larger organisms), the giant plant — in the global greenhouse, there was no such activity in the atmosphere, human longevity, and lived centuries after the Flood, the life expectancy drops sharply), the universal vegetarianism in the greenhouse environment for organisms more than enough plant foods. And as indirect evidence of the result of the fall in the partial pressure of oxygen — the opposite effect of the action of alcohol on the human body. Noah was the first drunk person. He made wine for antediluvian recipe, not knowing that in new conditions the alcohol will have that effect. It’s like that for us, the yogurt will also be drunk as wine. That is why the Lord has marked the eternal (!) Testament never hitherto unprecedented rainbow. Testament, the more there will be no Flood, the Flood having two sources — heaven and an underground, with only earth (and groundwater) source, which means you can only talk about possible floods but not floods. So the biblical Flood is a unique event, unlike our hypothetical periodic shifts of the poles. Maybe the biblical Flood was the first shift that started a series of Movements? Note that only after the Flood mentioned in the Bible: “henceforth, all the days of the earth seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”
There is an opinion and calculations that the pressure was generally 8 atmospheres. At this pressure a force of men have been insane — from the stone water — grain you)).
What an interesting version — the Flood started Potapchik (shifts)
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author rotation.
Even eight?) Creationists wrote about 7 ATM, ostorozhnichaet — “more than 2 ATM)
rotation In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
Here, I found the same on Sedition
Even more than the eight allowed by the author.
Yet mylnikovdm — addition.
Ilyaa In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
how strong is the influence of dissipation on these numbers?
The water need to extinguish the kinetic energy, which it acquired as a result of the shift.
Options 2 —
to rise and to remain at the top (CIN. the energy goes to potential)
dissipation (CIN. the energy will go in shifts of sand, clay, buildings and heating)
If dissipation is not — the water will hang out here and there in the basin indefinitely.
So — if the top of the water will not remain, and flows back and stop the whole kin. energy dissipeared.
If you do not stop — that she will remain keen. energy cycle will continue, only in the opposite direction.
As a result of one or more cycles of all the energy dissipeared.
50 meters of stream actively dissaperaed the lower layer of 5-10 meters. He tolerates clay, sand, and causes all kinds of destruction.
10 meters of 50 is 20 percent.
not very clear why the water will climb up and will not change a direction? why up and not sideways?
Once again — the repayment Options keen. energy is just 2 (see above).
Sideways movement does not repay CIN. the energy of water.
It is not clear why You think the acceleration of the 6-hour script and used it for two weeks
In the calculations I did neglect the acceleration during acceleration up to 7 m/s.
The magnitude of the acceleration plays no role for Energobalance. The role of average speed.
Ek = mv2/2
How momentum is transferred during the Move
Momentum is the product of mass and velocity P=m*v
During the shift the Earth’s surface begin to move at a shear rate v
The water will stay in place.
Thus, with respect to the Land water will acquire a momentum P=m*v where m is mass of water, v is the shear rate.
Intuitive lyrics …
How would the acceleration of any dispersed Land shear —
Lada sitting in them too going at the speed of shift in the opposite direction.
The average speed of the Lada in the process of shift will be equal to the average shear rate.
In our case, the Lada will go with an average speed of 30 km/h.
If the road goes up, the Lada will go up and will go up as long as the kinetic energy of the car will not go into the potential.
If the acceleration is gradual — the first Lada going at a speed of 1 km/h, then 2, etc., overclocking let’s say up to 60 km/h
But the average speed for all shift times remain equal to 30 km/h.
If the average speed during the shift does not change, and keen. energy will still be the same as Ek=mv2
Thus the curve speed change in energy of the process is not important.
The role of speed that is at 5000 km — time shift.
So I neglect the acceleration of the acceleration when you shift.
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
According to the Lada. Under the analogy was meant somewhat different. Lada is a planet, or at least the lithosphere. Lyric external influence, triggering the shifting process. We do agree that the shift starts from the outside? Or not? What is the impact? Gravity from afar, there is in combination effects of the planets sun moon and lithosphere tumbled (lyric pushes in the trunk is weak, but a long, Lada slowly dispersed). Gravitatsionnoe near — Nibiru arrived-and we whirled in the waltz (lyric second Ghulam rams). Finally came the comet/asteroid lupanul tangent (lirik heel). Agree, three completely different pictures for the consequences. And therefore inertial flows behave differently. Hard to explain right from the point of view of physics. Again, bus passengers will remember. They do not care how it will accelerate to 60 km/h per minute or 5 seconds. Passengers emerge from the heap-is small after the five-second breakthrough is to not care what average speed was the same as minute when overclocking, when they could adapt to the acceleration and to stay on his feet. Well, or basin of water — you can kick it with his foot and half on the floor. And you can neatly move, slightly shaking her waters. What is wrong in these arguments?
Ilyaa In response to the author Athanasiy Kaplya.
I have chewed a few times. All that is written. High-school physics. If You lyric I suggest You take my word for it. If the physicist then I do not understand Your questions.
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
That is dissipation, says intuitive lirik? Correct if what not so. Here is the wave. If she stumbles upon a perfectly Rigid Plane, for example, at an angle, it is reflected (Palpatine=uploadrate, this lyricist is well remembered) and have fun with the same speed runs in a new direction, but if perpendicular, then puts out his tail. But in nature it does not happen, the wave runs into many of the planes at all sorts of angles, begins to disintegrate, locaust all sorts of interference-cancellation-gain short wave comes foam (temperature). But the speed of the wave does not turn on instantly? The passenger, feeling that the bus moved tensed his legs and compensated for. And if the bus moved well very slowly, the passenger did not even think that you need to strain all happened on the machine. Again, having worn them here and there a basin of water, we understand that it is in our power to carry the basin with water instead of leaving it at the place of departure. Only need to calculate the acceleration. Again, if the lyricist is nothing confusing, the fluid is not worse than solid objects and also experience the force of friction, only maaalenky (yeah, it’s viscosity, and Yes, the lack of friction…). That is, in the beginning of the Move, its speed is so small that the inertia is damped by the dissipation and viscosity and inertial flow does not occur. And if the acceleration is well, just a little, how many we had at the 15-day scenario? 0,000012 m/S2. For week — 0,000054 m/S2. In words: “fifty-four microns per second squared”. It’s a lot or a little? Who knows? But the experience with basin shows that the lower the acceleration, the more came the water. Here is the wiki still says, “the Bulk viscosity plays an important role in sound attenuation and shock waves, and experimentally determined by measuring this decay.”
This pertains of course to the model acceleration to the middle and braking to the end. And when the snatch will get a dent/hole/splashed water without moving.
Yeah, about the dissipation wiki: “the Main cause of dissipation is the interaction of small structural units of the substance. Examples of such processes of dissipation as viscous friction, thermal conduction and diffusion in gases and liquids is the thermal motion of the molecules: when the movement of the selected small volume of the substance molecules on the boundary of the volume, moving randomly, and continually collide with molecules of the other volumes, resulting in a continuous exchange of momentum and matter between small volumes of the medium.” There’s still about dissipation function… “Dissipative function characterizes the rate of decrease (dissipation) of mechanical energy of the system and has the dimension of power. ”
Here! It seems the key word hatch — power! “Power is a physical quantity equal to the overall rate of change, conversion, transfer or consumption of energy of the system. In a more narrow sense, power is equal to the ratio of work performed over a certain period of time, this period of time”
Here you have the opposite time dependence. The more time spent on the acceleration of the lithosphere to its maximum speed, the lower the power process. Criticize, please!
Athanasiy Kaplya In response to the author Ilyaa.
Yes, lirik, lyric. How can you not believe about the height of the waves was very convincing with formulas. Then a very want to understand. Thank you for your patience)

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