Today it is the most interesting topic for me.

03:09: the Price of serfdom. Statistics of the state Bank

02:28: the liberation of the peasants. Commercial scheme
03:44: Minaret and the entail or How I invented the Bicycle
07:15: the Meaning of land reforms
01:28: On land reform – the main
12:28: Land, landlords and farmers – a rough estimate
01:40: Grain ratio
03:37: Serfdom
20:04: Sandra puts in question the interpretation of the concept of “Serfdom”
13:59: Serfdom in South America
01:35: chattels listed 7.5 million.
01:53: Bread, starvation and serfdom
17:13: 1860-E. Fortification fracture
23:04: Results of liquidation of the fortress
02:14: the meaning of the liberation of the peasants
07:40: liberation of the peasants. In simple words
05:35: the land and the landowner
06:57: Right to land
01:35: “Arakcheyev village in the Sahara
01:06: Nobles, peasants, etc.
04:55: Peasants
00:00: Unnoticed relationship
00:00: Primordial sovereignty of the USA
00:01: Abolition of serfdom
01:31: Universities and the elimination of the fortress

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