Sharansky about the gay parade

Once there was a gay pride parade, which gathered a lot nepolzhivye intellectuals, rukopozhatnyh journalists and hipsters. There was a well without any fence, and it fell. He was yelling so loud, but the parade was so big, the noise was such that no one heard him. At this time one of the hipster came to the well — he wanted to make his background a selfie and post it on instagram. Hipster looked down and found the man who shouted, cried and said: “have Pity on me, save me quickly!”
And the hipster answer:

“You will definitely save! I shall now make a few selfe with thee, and will post in instagram with the hashtag #SaveManFromWell, will announce the fundraiser and you will definitely help, and I’ll go to a Starbucks. Remember to follow me on instagram! I also have a channel on YouTube”.
And hipster I went in with a sense of accomplishment.
Then came an employee of the FBC, brother Bulk. He looked into the well, and the man again shouted, “Save me! I’m dying and no one seems to hear!” Fbcast said, “Bulk of rights: he said that every well should be surrounded by a wall. Now the party of crooks and thieves can not do this because it spends all the taxpayer money on subhranil. But don’t worry, we will create a huge movement! We change all of society, we will force the government to make a wall around every well! We are the power!”
People from the well answered: “Yes, by that time, I’m gonna die! And what’s in it for me if I fell!”
Navalner said, “It’s not a big deal. The question is that those in power are thieves, which is an urgent need to expose. But you can die with great comfort that with anyone else it won’t happen again! About Navalny — a great reformer!”
Then come out to the well excellent HBO. He looked in the well and before the man shouted again, he opened his bag and there was a bottle of whiskey and a rope, for excellence in LPG is always ready for any situation.
A man, meanwhile, was tired and thought: “this is my end — all rukopozhatnye people!”
Saranist threw him a rope, whiskey and shouted: “Catch! I’ll get you out!”
Oh, how this man was grateful to him! Usbdrives from whiskey and once out, he said, “You are truly the only rukopozhatnyy man!”
Saranist replied: “Oh! Now I receive a grant for the salvation of man! Besides, you owe me a whiskey! And since you now do not have with you than to pay for it, you give it to me then. But tomorrow will be much more expensive, and you owe me two bottle of great whiskey shotlandskogo. So remember that again and again fall into the well, and teach their children to fall into the well, then we will be able again and again to save them, because how are we going to get grants, if you stop falling?”

Translated by Yandex Translate