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Dear smoliarm says about himself:

I’m a doctor of Sciences (Geochemistry and Cosmochimie), your degree at UMD, he taught at Harvard.
Here’s a snippet from my old post on the topic:

**All my life – a professional – I do cosmochimie, analyze meteorites and lunar samples. I not only saw with my own eyes tens of kilograms of lunar rocks at NASA’s vault — I myself picked up the samples for our research, he sawed them in the diamond cutter, he made thin sections, and finally he himself researched electron microscopes, microsonde and mass spectrometers.
I understand that they can not be faked, they’re authentic. Similarly, it is impossible to forge the scientific discoveries made on these samples – their authenticity is proved the development of science. It’s the same with technology that was developed by the Americans to fly to the moon – legacy is not in vain, and the further development of space exploration clearly shows.**
Thanks for the hint system.
Read. Found there is the reasoning of the Czechs.
Work Kashkarov, L. L. Lavrukhina, A. K. Genaeva, L. I.
Along the way, found out that professionals are not talking about monochrome, and speak Galactic Cosmic Rays GCR… with the energy from 0.5 GeV, 3 GeV average.
Went an hour or two. In hindsight I understand that tone is in the details.
And then I remembered the work of the late S. Pokrovsky “Lunar soil”
and all lit up bright light.
What problem was the Americans? Right, it is necessary to bring the moon ground. And where can I get.
In Antarctica, to collect meteorites, says Pokrovsky.
The exit was. Lunar soil is on the Earth. This is a lunar meteorites. During volcanic eruptions, dislodging of soil from the moon’s surface by meteorite impact, part of the material reaches escape velocity for the moon(2.4 km/s), but because it turns out bobbing on elongated orbits around the moon. Sooner or later, almost every such a fragment is captured by the Earth falls on its surface. This conclusion was made in the 18th century Laplace. Interestingly, the distribution of lunar meteorites on the earth’s surface must be uniform. But everyone understands that the oceans of the lunar meteorite extract. In the forests, swamps, mountains and stony deserts – will not find.
On what basis to select. This is a problem.
From General considerations of the moon’s weak magnetic field.
And again. Cosmic rays from the Galaxy are on the whole sample, and the solar wind only on the surface of the sample.
At the same time on the moon was automatic Surveyor-3 with a sensor of the magnetic elements in the lunar soil. And flew to the moon crashed while landing Surveyor-4 with the sensor of a characteristic radiation of the atoms after their excitation by alpha-particles. After some time the moon went Surveyor-5, then number 6, number 7, who alpha sensors still drove. A little later, but drove.
But still in the Antarctic summer 1966-67 year the Americans had the opportunity to compare the magnetic signals found in Antarctica meteorites that passed from the moon Surveyor-3. And thus from the set of found meteorites to choose the group of those that could be suspect in terms of their lunar nature. After the lunar landing of Surveyor-5 became possible to compare signals from selected meteorites of this group with the signals and alpha sensor.

It theoretically. And the theory of sulphur, while the tree of life is eternally green.(C) Nature knows a lot hityk.(C)
How to be? Need to wait for an actual ground with the Soviet Moons. Then American soil had disappeared… GONE the SOIL that did NOT meet the Soviet. What do you want? There, on each stone was tag.
And now Lafayette. Americans have the same real Lunar soil. And as necessary. The ground is stamped with the moon and fallen meteorites in Antarctica. Now they know how to choose the meteorites.
And honest uchonye beat their Breasts – a PRIMER PRESENT. Confounded the skeptics.
This hypothesis explains EVERYTHING.

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