SpaceX. How much have you insured the explosion start?

Why blow up a Falcon 9? Versions the network is already set.
Cruel conspiracy… again fierce conspiracy. Well, not to consider seriously the theory that the work Space X the hands of assholes grow (the adherents of the Mask and somosaguas missiles printed on a 3D printer, along with cars Tesla – I cut the throat ).

Because walking from… Russian spies, the avenger of Protons (called – guess the country version).
Yeah “There’s kind of two Putins even caught. Tools
To the aliens who destroyed the hope of all enlightenment of mankind”… because of the envy and fear of competition with Elon Musk in the future, when he “takes off” and will be released into space.
Video of explosion in slow motion 250 times:

In the video, by the way, and the truth is strange.
48 the second from the left corner appears a black dot, a uniformly and rectilinearly moving in a rocket and passing through the judges. Right on the Ticker, like an artillery shell!
However, the thing – the explosion took place a little earlier.
Who videos view cannot – offer a compilation of several frames (gifs do not know how, sorry):

What was it?
UFO was late, and Putin’s agents managed to blow up a bomb the moment before the shot of the aliens? Or Vice versa – missed Putin’s missile, and the aliens exploded tanks with telekinesis/Blaster/other abilities?
And maybe…
Maybe Elon Musk has insured a rocket a hundred thousand Milen (s) from a failed start-up and…
he blew it up?
And flying on the video shell – “control” if suddenly sunk in the tank doesn’t work?
No, I understand that it is impossible to think such things about this Holy man and talented entrepreneur…
But still – who know: whether insured start?
And if so, by how much?
By the way one event can be used to obtain several gesheft.
From the comments on ASH:

1. The missile flew up, up, up – sell
2. The missile fell, shares fall – a buying
3. The missile flew up, up, up – sell
4. At year-end using the curves of missiles collected drunk radnicni due to the play on the stock exchange show profit.

This is besides the fact that knowing when to “fly/won’t fly” – you can also on the insurance money to raise.
Something it reminds me of…

UPD. Named cause of the explosion
The cause of the explosion of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 on the pad at Cape Canaveral was the fault of the launch pad, says the official statement from SpaceX published in her Twitter. The explosion had destroyed itself booster and Israeli Amos 9, which she had put into orbit.
It is noted that in accordance with the standard regulations of the personnel on the pad was not present, therefore, at explosion nobody has suffered.
Ie Russian and Putin – is not in the business… and increase sanctions is not expected.
But other versions are impossible to dismiss!

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