Suburban wonders of the world. Unusual objects and places of the region.

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Original taken from yar46 in suburban wonders of the world. Unusual objects and places of the region.

Original taken from kudryavin in the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region is the most unusual objects and places in the region

Original taken from nawepodmoskovie in the Ministry of culture of the Moscow region is the most unusual objects and places in the region

According to experts, the tourism potential of the Moscow region is about 20 percent of the total potential of Russia. The region has more than 2.5 thousand objects that may be included in various travel programs, of which 350 can be identified as the main.

The Moscow region may surprise many. Not only historical monuments and museums. Presenting the top 5 most unusual objects and places of Moscow suburbs.
1. Waterfall gremyachiy key.”
Not far from Sergiev Posad is a real, albeit small, waterfall. According to legend he was created by the prayers of St. Sergius of Radonezh, when he and his apprentice stayed there overnight on the way to Kirzhach. The waterfall is really wonderful – from a steep hillside, percolating through the limestone, with the power hit a few keys, filling ice water large wooden plunge pool. In summer and winter the water temperature is about 6 degrees. Next to the Church and the chapel, but pilgrims come here not only to Baptism. Waterfall – a place visited, people are always there, though the road to the very source leaves much to be desired – in the fall or spring of the last 5 km you have to do on foot, unless of course you are not the owner of a fancy SUV or tractor.
Address: Sergiev Posad district, village Wzglednie
2. Sand dunes in Sychevo.
The landscape is exactly like the desert: Golden sand dunes to the horizon with a few patches of dwarf plants. Among the dunes blue lake with clean water formed on the site already worked out sand pits. Fantastic mind add rusty towers. Sychevo loved snowboarders, which in the absence of snow used to ride the sand hills. Opportunity alternately to swim in the lake and snowboarding gives the holiday a special charm.
Address: Moscow region, Volokolamsk district, Novorizhskoe shosse, 98-th km.
3. Kudykina Gora.
Many curious were sent to Kudykin mountain, but not everyone knows that it exists. Arriving at Russia’s only settlement with this name, you will touch the ancient history. Many legends and stories associated with this place – it is believed that there used to be a pagan temple of the God Veles, and served him a Magician. And with the advent of Christianity in this place there is the Church of the Nativity of the blessed virgin. If you want you can swim in the pool and to collect water from source well.
Address: Orekhovo-Zuevskiy district, D. Mountain.
4. Lopatinsky phosphorite mine.
Did you know that close to Voskresensk is unique and Europe’s largest phosphate Deposit? The first developments in Lopatinskiy the mine began in 1932. The combination of pristine lakes, pine forests and sand colored with reddish, white and black sand dunes is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.
Address: Voskresenskiy rayon, fosfolipidy waste heap.
5. Sianowska quarry.
Sianowska the quarry or, as they call their local SPELESTOLOGY, “system”, – the caves are of artificial origin, the most popular underground attraction in the Moscow suburbs. They are known since the late seventeenth century, the limestone here was to build a white-stone Moscow. Stone production ceased shortly before the revolution, and second life Siany found already in the 1960s, when a stone labyrinth found and began to explore enthusiasts. But researching this was the total length of the only known to date of tracks is about 20 km away.
Address: Domodedovskiy district, Novlensky.
About the other unusual locations and facilities near Moscow of the top 10 can be found on the travel portal “Afisha Moscow region:

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