Ankara and tel Aviv on the threshold of a historical transaction, Moscow, Tehran and Yerevan have worried


Israel and Turkey have reached a preliminary agreement on the restoration of diplomatic ties. According to Reuters, the agreement also includes the return of ambassadors from both countries. According to information, agreement on diplomatic détente was reached at a meeting in Switzerland.
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Turkey has warned Russia that its patience is not infinite


Such open threats from the highest political leadership of the country who has committed an act of military aggression – bordering on full otvazhnogo and do not imply the ability to return to a constructive dialogue. Whatever you call it: podlivanie whether it’s fuel to the fire, or pointing the stick at the bear den – all this leads to the escalation of tension.

“The Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu said that his country has not imposed retaliatory sanctions against Russia not because it is afraid or feels guilty, and assured that Ankara is trying to improve relations with Moscow. But Russia, he said, is behaving unjustly, and Turkey’s patience is not limitless, according to RFI.”

Say not equal in an attempt of reconciliation. So they say, when you want to ruffle. Overall, these speeches are a copy with the arrogant statements of the Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk about the return of the Ukrainian debt of Russia.
It is the language of escalation and provocation.
It seems that the Turkish elite and really “got in a row” for anti-Russian activities. All the elite did it? What will the Turkish people on such a course of his leadership – see the next issue of the analytical program “the game”.

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“A”, “F”, “W”, “W”, “I”, “M”


Here it is different and a new Communist humanity from the new world order capitalists.
In the first case, technology put to the service of the people, and the second technology is used, primarily, to suppress the masses.

U.S. police can use drones with tear gas to disperse the demonstrators.
Law enforcement agencies of North Dakota, according to the recently adopted in the state of the law, can apply to disperse the protesters, drones equipped with tasers or pepper gas.

Ideally, manufacturers of smartphones such as Apple or Samsung should enter into cooperation with producers of punitive drones for retribution could come quickly spot and address. Did not pay taxes — get a pepper spray. Wrote in the sms the word “terror” — to take guests to 100.000 volts.
How many steps from today’s technological “innovations” is spraying with drones of anthrax over areas where should be suppressed popular resistance? Or worse, like the infamous “doomsday virus”?
What do we have? And we have bastards like Deputy Fyodorov, advocated the so-called “national capitalism” is just says, in essence, that punitive drones over Russian people must be Russian. The essence consists in the oppression of man by man, should remain, according to Fedorov and other. Nothing else the capitalist system of society’s existence does not imply, though you do that twirl, even commercials.
Look in mutating capitalism of consolation, human development, parallel development of technologies, like trying from the letters “A”, “f”, “W”, “W”, “I” And “M” to add the word “FUTURE”.

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Forty souls are howling in shifts, was white-hot


Shizofreniei military-political elite of the West is obvious. One has only to read the news – and all becomes at once of the mystery revealed.
Here , the NATO Secretary General “caught” myself in a lie Putin at his word:

“NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Vladimir Putin during his press conference confirmed the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. According to the Wall Street Journal, the head of the Alliance demanded that Russia withdraw its troops in accordance with the provisions of the Minsk agreements.
NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said that the Russian President confirmed the presence of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine. The Secretary General of the Alliance believes that during the press-conference Vladimir Putin announced the presence of Russian troops in the neighboring country.”

Meanwhile, open the transcript of the press conference of Vladimir Putin, and read:
“We never said that there are no people who are dealing with certain issues, including in the military sphere, but this does not mean that there are regular Russian troops. Feel the difference”, – quotes the Wall Street Journal the words of the Russian leader.
Congratulations to the NATO Secretary General done lied. ) Why to work so rudely? After all these punctures, and compiled public opinion about the adequacy of this or that politician.
And here the New York Post exercise in political acrobatics and illusionism:
“The recent statements of U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry as saying after a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that Washington is not trying to achieve “regime change” in Syria, indicate that the Obama administration “capitulated” and more will push for the departure of President Bashar al-Assad, according to American tabloid the New York Post. According to the observer newspaper, concessions Kerry will not allow the U.S. to achieve any diplomatic reciprocity from Moscow.
Initiated by Moscow in Syria “carpet bombing” finally resulted in “the first victory” of Russia: the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama “capitulated” and no longer requires care of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, writes the New York Post.
In the opinion of the Explorer edition, Assad, who brutally crushed the peaceful protests and unleashed the civil war in the country, was losing this war until, until Russia intervened. At the same time Moscow was not to bomb “Islamic state”, which “collaborates” the Syrian President, and opposing his group “rebels”, some of which support the United States, emphasizes the journalist. However, in Washington at first only “clicked his tongue”, and then “tried to find with Putin common language”, he complains.
And last Tuesday it became clear that American authorities are willing to go even further: Secretary of state John Kerry, who met with Vladimir Putin in Moscow, said the results of this meeting that the U.S. and its partners “are not trying to achieve the so-called regime change” in Syria, the author continues the article. “Fine, if after Assad will still remain the Syrians, Putin and ISIS will do with them as they please,” says he.”,

Lolshto? Assad and the alawites cooperate with radical Sunni Islamism in the face of ISIS? )))
Well it is clear that intellectual people, and modern political figures in American politics and journalism is not strongly overlapping many – but not that much? Well, you can also a little to study the subject? Or the task is simply to mislead the American people?

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Shore at sunken fortress

…Have been another version of what the level of the Black sea not long ago was much higher, but… the next 2-3 thousand years this could not be, since Anapa is a place where literally by the sea (2-3 meters from the level of) growing junipers tissi sometimes 2-3 years…

In the place where I wanted the pipe of South stream dipping and near the cottage of the Patriarch had built, I was fishing from the boat, so the captain claimed that from the shore 200-300 meters there is a wall of the fortress, the edge of which the surface to 2-3 meters (but I didn’t dive in for what bought for sell)

The estimated location of the flooded walls

Pierce (short, near which something round), the boat moved away from him and took to the right in the direction of the village Sukko (the name is), about half way between Sukko and the pier from the shore about 300 metres this wall (according to him is not deep, can it stand). And the pipe to lower wanted around Sukko, he is in the valley between the mountains is worth (according to the CEP in the village had a big problem with the sewage system (in peyreleau but now established)). And the mountains there just strange how the cake is cut almost vertically.
Below are some pictures of the surroundings with a distinctive post-flood coastline.

Or here.

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“Sverdlovsk-industrial” is returned?

During the recent visit of the President to our region according to the Sign.whom the head of the region Evgeny Kuyvashev at the meeting of the state Council discussed with Vladimir Putin, with the participation of the General Director UVZ Oleg Sienko question about re-registration “research and production Corporation “Uralvagonzavod”, which includes several dozen companies, on the territory of Sverdlovsk region. This will give the regional budget about 5 billion rubles of additional revenue per year. The process of registration of all necessary documents should be launched in the near future, and confirmed in regional administration, and the Corporation Uralvagonzavod.
And now, the regional government probably already beginning to plan on what items to spend these funds. Today, according to REGNUM.Ru, the Governor during the session of the Presidium of the government on the implementation of measures for development of import substitution and scientific-industrial cooperation in the sectors of industry of the Sverdlovsk region instructed the regional Ministry of industry and science. Namely, for the effective development of industry of the Sverdlovsk region it is necessary to update and systematise tools to support industry, as well as identify a list of priority areas and projects for the provision of benefits and subsidies. The determining factor should be the competitiveness and demand of production of the Ural enterprises in the international market.

It is hoped that these joint solutions center and the region will provide the necessary impetus for the development of the industrial sector twice the order of Lenin Sverdlovsk region.

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