Goethe’s Faust is a hymn to anthropocentrism, turning into selfishness (3)

We continue to publish parts of the third report on the Face on the “Faust” of Goethe. In this third part, the speaker moves from a discussion of the historical and philosophical context of Goethe’s writing of his work to talking about his main character – Faust.
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First! “Certainly not the second”: Rogozin commented on Obama’s assessment of Russian military

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The holders intend to razdelyvanie domain RuTracker.org

After blocking the torrent tracker Rutracker in Russia, audience share has declined. Assessment of Roskomnadzor, the drop in attendance was about 30%, according to the administration of the tracker, the negative dynamics is not that significant (estimate drop here 10-15%). However, one thing is clear — more and more Russians are learning to use tools to bypass the lock. Fortunately, these tools are completely legal, as reported by Roskomnadzor.

Copyright holders this is not too satisfied, and the number of companies planning to achieve lock domain Rutracker.org, write “Izvestia” and Torrentfreak. To do this planning, the national Federation of the music industry, which includes Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music and other labels.
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Playing under DOS on a modern computer. Covox+Sneskey

Now to play the good old shooting games under DOS does not need anything special, the emulator dosbox c copes well with almost all games. Who needs a sense of authenticity find old computers up to the Pentium3, the main thing here ISA slot which allows you to connect a normal sound card. The leaders here certainly are a sound blaster AWE 32/64. But there is still the option to play on a modern computer, which is not something that ISA no, but rather, and PCI, too. It now and consider.

First of all install DOS 6.22 on usb stick. I’m using HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. Select at boot the flash drive and voila, most of the games we play without problems. But one big
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Alexander Rodgers: Top 5 “Peremoga” Kiev junta in 2015

2015 was for occupying the Kiev regime extremely fruitful. They were able to achieve many results that were previously considered unthinkable and even impossible

Сталин растворился в будущем (1)
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