Matrilineal transfer of property

Women staroobryadtsy left their husbands when they were unhappy with the treatment, or when they are not satisfied with the financial situation of the husbands, or when a spouse wanted to marry another. In the environment of the Altai there was such a feature of divorce: men are less likely to leave my family compared to women. This was due to purely economic considerations. The acquisition of even the rich wife of the South Altai schismatic cost a lot of money. And the woman, leaving her husband, took the dowry and material and monetary reward.

In some cases, when you divorce the woman-staroobryadtsy with small children returned to home to parents. However, she took with her a dowry and received from her husband a reward for staying in his house. If children had a lot of family left the husband, leaving almost all the property of his wife and children.

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