The world social forum 2016: what happens in the alter-globalization?

Recently completed the annual world social forum is the main platform of the global anti-globalization movement. On the pages of the leading electronic media and pages of Newspapers, this event did not get. They are interested in the anti-globalization movement only when attacking the “McDonald’s” or organize riots and clashes with the police. I propose to look into the forum closer to understand, than there lives the modern anti-globalization social protest:
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Storm in a teacup

Eating such narrow-minded logic is expressed by the proverb: “Give – take, beat – run“. Maybe for the layman they are nothing, but for a politician, oppositionist and patriot style it exactly the. Especially in Russia! Unfortunately, deputies from the type of “opposition” factions choose this flawed logic and only take what they are given. Including five minutes of “fame” criticism of the authorities. But, as they say in the proverb, “Every cricket stick to his last know!“.

What was it? To spring still far away and the usual seasonal exacerbation in people with unstable mentality to explain the demarche of deputies of the state Duma will not succeed.
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Life without Popov of the USSR. The Latvian foreign Ministry is not ready for the visit of Patriarch Kirill