The future of “left turn” in Latin America (research report)

In July of this year, spoke at the conference of European latinamericanists in Salamanca (Spain). Decided to dedicate the theme of his speech to the prospects of Latin American integration and in General “left turn”. Fellow latinoamericanos consider it insane to talk about the future of the leftist governments at a time when the region takes place and in full swing there is a shift to the right. But I think at the time. The owl of Minerva flies at midnight, on the way out of the impasse at the time to think when the maze seems hopeless. Here is the full text of the report at the conference.
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About the leftist movements and the future

The experience of left movements in Latin America tells us that without serious consideration of the psychological and economic issues the social revolution in the modern world impossible. Dreams and theories (Marxist, or national liberation) is not enough. Attempts social preobrazovania society rests in the reproduction of the human type, who need the conversion, which is ready to fight for it and to protect and develop. This appears to be a common feature of collapsed or passed to the defense of left-wing projects from the Soviet Union to Venezuela.
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As the origin of man is reflected in the genes

Recently, a video of The DNA Journey of the Danish company Momondo showed what effect can produce on the people the results of a genetic test to determine the composition of populations. Live people declared that they are not as full-blooded as it seemed to them — and then the emotions, tears and tickets to their historical homeland. Such analysis can be carried out not only in Europe and America. Russian genetic testing, Atlas is able to determine the origin, population structure and the percentage of Neanderthal genes. Behind all these studies is an interesting story, which we now briefly describe.

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Alaska was not sold to USA

Two interesting video about fake for sale Alaska. The report of candidate of historical Sciences Ivan B. Mironov, read at the conference “the Issues of falsification of Russian history” at the Russian state library and the video on the same topic

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Right in Latin America (translated article)

Offer to your attention an analytical article about the right-wingers in Latin America, is a peculiar and very revealing portrait of the leaders of Argentina and the Venezuelan opposition. In the article a lot of unknown facts.
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