As the origin of man is reflected in the genes

Recently, a video of The DNA Journey of the Danish company Momondo showed what effect can produce on the people the results of a genetic test to determine the composition of populations. Live people declared that they are not as full-blooded as it seemed to them — and then the emotions, tears and tickets to their historical homeland. Such analysis can be carried out not only in Europe and America. Russian genetic testing, Atlas is able to determine the origin, population structure and the percentage of Neanderthal genes. Behind all these studies is an interesting story, which we now briefly describe.

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Dry statistics about violence in the Bible and the Quran

I have on adjacent shelves are the Bible and the Koran in Russian, presented in Tashkent. Do not just read the Scriptures both in parallel, each time receiving podtverjdenie that they both tell about the same events. But here’s something to count not smart enough, unlike the programmer Thomas Anderson:

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Oh, this Black Friday 2015


Continue to write an annual post about the results of Black Friday. Past articles here: 2013, 2014. In 2015, Black Friday was held from 27 to 29 November (inclusive). At this time, data were collected on a greater quantity of stores. Here is a list of 11 stores that were under analysis: ozon, enter, technopark, sweep off, euroset, svyaznoy, eldorado, citilink, tehnosila, holodilnik, pleer. All the results will be shown in charts and tables. Let’s start.
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The Americans on the moon. Part 3

That “flight of the Americans to the moon” was a hoax, colleagues from Hollywood like a Pro, understood at once – staged for specialists was evident, and the hand of the master Kubrick they recognized at once. But because thing was the banter on this “flight” in the next Saga of James bond.

Americans aren’t presented – definitely no photographs taken on the moon or lunar soil, at least a pound from half a ton, allegedly taken from the moon.
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