History lessons: Letter of the Slavs.

Lagenda about the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1.

Original taken from yar46 in the Legend of the Glagolitic alphabet, Part 1. The letter of the Slavs.

In a previous article flashed the assumption about the authorship of the Glagolitic. Consider the topic in more detail.
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Ancient artifacts, disappeared in the depths of history

In science there is no place for superstition and magic. Throughout history no one scientific question not found any magical solutions, while the reverse happens all the time.

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15 APR 2014


In the course of archaeological excavations of ancient tombs near the Japanese city of Nagaoka, near Kyoto, in the ancient burial hill V century ad members of the Research Institute of objects of cultural values of the Japanese city of Nara was discovered small pieces of glass beads yellow colors that were previously part of the women’s jewelry.

Very fun! And fun!

Andstoriya some curses from the Russian language

Good mood to you, Friends, for the weekend from tipaeto of “the History of some of the curses from the Russian language

Have you ever wondered where did the profanity? We have prepared a small dictionary of expletives. Are sure that you will find a lot of interesting and entertaining information!
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Change the style of organizing information

Original taken from serj_aleks in the Change of style of organizing information

It loses any sense to continue to post meaningful information about the development of the project “Common History” (Emphasis project). Started the classification to its present here information on historical topics by a process similar to that which I know, is chispa1707, in their posts here in LJ. To discuss the project the best option consider the revitalization of the forum of the project. Turn in the reading mode and the high local and important, from my point of view, the census LJ. Basically, it was a satisfactory laboratory, but as I said in the blog, network platform, which ceased to develop technologically There are more modern and functional tools on the network to publish and organize information. The further course of the development of the project will be focused here:

Forum of the project
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Dear hanter372 shared an amusing video in which a famous film Director Nikita Mikhalkov introduced his liberal Pro-Western opponents in “full intellectual negligee” (the author’s text SW. hanter372). It seemed to me remarkable method by which Mikhalkov has done with Svanidze and young Director of the Yeltsin centre Dina Sorokina. Haven’t we already seen somewhere…
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7 unsolved mysteries of antiquity


In search of impressions people travel around the world, walking trodden by thousands of tourists trails. They visit popular points, hoping to close in their feelings to understanding what happened there hundreds and thousands of years ago. However, sometimes completely outlandish things waiting for us in fairly ordinary places. Attempts to solve the mystery of the unexpected findings often carry much more than browsing the usual sites, in particular when come to mind explanations of some phenomena did not want to obey the laws of logic. What puzzles left to us by antiquity?
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The West is the bearer of an advanced culture???

It is no secret that the dismantling of the Soviet system was held under the slogan of return to the bosom of the world civilization, of which we were supposedly ripped out by the October Revolution. Under world civilization meant, of course, the civilization of the West.

For the anti-Soviet, infected with the virus of Eurocentrism, and Western world terms are identical, as if other civilizations simply do not exist.
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How some animals get their names?

Original taken from p_i_f in How certain animals got their names?

We know a lot about animals, talk about them children about them, watching movies and studying them. But you asked the question why some animals were named that way, and where did words like “cat”, “dog”, “cow”, “giraffe” and other?The word “animal” is old Slavonic, and it was formed from the word “belly”, which meant “life”.

For a start it is worth mentioning the animals that people can meet directly at their home. It should be noted that the word “house” is one of the oldest Indo-European words. It is believed that in ancient times it was written “domus”. From him, in Latin, was the word “dominus” meaning “master” or “Lord.”
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