A forgotten flight of the eagle “

In space there are bad things. Probably the most unpleasant of them — a very uneven distribution of fame and honors for their work. The first man to travel into space, randomly interviewed people call immediately, but they will not be able to call the third or even the second. The crew of Apollo 11 remembered by many, but much fewer people are able to call those who flew on “Apollo” -10 or -12. And their work was comparable in complexity and use. August 6 celebrates 55th anniversary of the flight of Gherman Titov “Vostok 2”. It was a very interesting flight — the youngest astronaut, record the duration in days of the first survey orbit, the first dream, toilet and nausea in orbit. But this is much less known.
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The Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua: a 37-year anniversary.

Jul 19, the Nicaraguan people marked the anniversary of the Sandinista revolution, the immediate successor of the Cuban revolution. Now Latin America is not “flaming continent”, but certainly “smoldering” because the former fuse disappeared and went out, just slowly and patiently waiting for his new “Che”. When he breaks through is an open question. Yes, now the region is experiencing a right turn, but the spiral of History is inexorable and objective. Sooner or later, the “mole of history” will do the trick and will come out. Meanwhile, I propose to plunge into the atmosphere of festive Managua:
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Interesting facts about birthday

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• Most people celebrate their birthday in August (around 9% of all people). There are still two months, which is the high rate of birth: July and September.
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The Communist party, as the eternal mob


Brought it easy again on the website of the Communist party. Some time open it with an internal voltage – what else will dumaut citizens Khoury? And flair did not disappoint. This time the web site contains material for starting an Internet flashmob “Lenin is Alive!”.
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On the same street a year

Yesterday at session of the Commission on local government in Yekaterinburg Deputy head of administration of the city of Tuszyn statedthat the street Tolmacheva can be renamed in Ipatiev. With this proposal the city administration may apply to the city Council after 13 October. If it’s about renaming part of the street without houses, the survey of residents would be required. If the mayor’s office will schedule the renaming of the entire street will have to conduct the survey. “The 300th anniversary of Ekaterinburg it is planned to rename one street a year, returning them to their historical names,” said the Chairman of municipal electoral Committee Ilya Zakharov.
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