Love the baby boxes on the echo

Thanks SW. mkarev, which resulted in his recent post statements Alexei Venediktov about the baby boxes. Let’s project the situation in the space of “business English”.

Here’s the moment that got me hooked:
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Quote of the day. About Gosman :)

Original taken from vladimir_krm in quote of the day. About Gosman 🙂

If you carefully look at the published list of leadership positions Leonid Yakovlevich listed in the first paragraph notes, it can be easily seen that all these organizations (except RUSNANO, but here too there is hope that “while”) are United by one thing: they don’t exist in nature.

In contrast, by the way, from the Leonid Yakovlevich, who are quite wealthy and even offers Vladimir Putin to cede power in the organization, which, in spite of the efforts of colleagues and associates L. J. Gosman (and they really tried!), to destroy so far, so anyone and failed.
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MaruOS turns Android Linux desktop

Many modern smartphones are powerful enough to easily support the work of the normal office applications, web browsers and other business (and not) tools. But the vast amount of software released for smartphones that is only for mobile devices. What if you use your smartphone as a portable PC, which can connect the monitor and peripherals?
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The practical use of ROS on the Raspberry Pi — part 2

Good day, dear readers Habra! This is the second installment of articles about the practical use of ROS on the Raspberry Pi. In the first article series, I described the installation of a required component of ROS and configuring a working environment to work.

In the second part of the cycle we will start the practical using the capabilities of ROS on the Raspberry Pi platform. Specifically in this article I’m going to talk about using the camera Raspberry Pi Camera Board on the Raspberry Pi in conjunction with ROS for solving problems of computer vision. Anyone interested please under cat.
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CO2 sensor — a device which can tell you when to ventilate, so it was thought better


Remember, on habré in section GTD was a curious article from BarsMonster about that, other than laziness, procrastination and problems with scheduling can interfere with effective work and life?
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In Kazakhstan coal find the egg with a huge worm inside

Original taken from senseisekai in Kazakhstan coal found a huge egg with a worm inside

Residents of the village of Baganaly Kasabasi district, Auliekol district found a strange creature that resembles a large gray worm when touched changes its color.

It is reported that stocks of coal imported in October 2015, was found an egg about the size of a loaf of bread and covered in a sticky, glue like, substance. Smashing the egg with the shovel, the stokers found it something like a worm with a length of about 20 centimeters.
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Original taken from vasily_sergeev in côte necromancer

Quote posts Isida_Morgenstern


Baba Zina lived in cat necromancer. I watched as he digs up in the garden mouse corpse, staring at him a few moments to complete immobility, and then makes a short strange pne. Then the mouse was raised: would get up, dust myself off and tried to escape. But the cat quickly caught her and began to play with it — was released, then caught again and so on until until the tortured mouse did not die. Then the cat, making sure that the poor rodent doesn’t give any signs of life, buried the corpse in the same place. And the next day dug out again and everything repeated from the beginning.
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