Proven: computers with Ubuntu Linux break less the same with Windows

3 years ago the French gendarmerie switched to Ubuntu. It is time to take stock. That gave migration 37 000 computers from Windows to Linux and did anything at all? From the official report of the Ministry of internal Affairs of France.

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On the way to talking about “Faust”. What is the Modern era?

After talking about the Era as a concept, about the Projects that formed the content of the epoch and the relation of the concept of the Era with historical periods, we next report considered Modern. Considered as an epoch and as a project.
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The function of the ancient city

A town near Leptis Magna in Libya consists almost exclusively of urban infrastructure.

The amphitheatre, temples, squares and evenly sliced to the street. Foundations residential sector personally I don’t see.
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Harsh, but fair

Original taken from muromec_13 in Why the slogan “DEATH to GIDAM!” – I consider patriotism ,not extremism.

But because bald pegorinos Putin offers zydowski diarrhea-extremism directed against Mejidov zydowskich in the Torah-Talmud is also not considered extremism. Yeah

Putin suggested not to look for extremism in the sacred books of Christians, Muslims, Jews and Buddhists
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Art and everyday life: masterpieces of sunlight and soap…

There is a “soap Opera”, the show with soap bubbles, financial bubbles, but the soap and the pictures) the Housewife fifty-eight years and had no idea that under her hands unfolding masterpieces of photography, and when he realized this, he showed them to the world. It turns out that what other interesting unexplored conceals our everyday life…:
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No wonder our “black” ancestors were afraid of comets

Originally posted by chispa1707 at Comet breakdown

Turns out my hypothesis is true: the comet breakdown exists.

So…. Oh… it means a lot.
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