Miroslav Berdnik: I am accused of terrorism, and I was just saying what I think

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Alexander Chalenko,columnist Ukraina.ru:– Remember how police searched your apartment. How it all began?

— I have serious health problems. A few years ago I was given a very difficult diagnosis, then was in connection with the operation. I was first given a disability, but then the Kiev doctor, which on the table in the reception room stood the check boxes of the social-nationalist party “Svoboda”, did everything to ensure that I took it, calling me an enemy of the Ukrainian people.

And all because of our dispute over the renaming of Likhachev Boulevard, the famous Director of the automobile plant. I remember saying to him: on released its factory cars traveled half of Ukraine, why should be renamed to Boulevard Mary Pryimachenko.
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Only when a Jew cries, God hears his prayers (saying)

In the temple the people gather. Soon the service begins, and while the congregation stand near the icons ask for something or thank. The smell of candles and incense, mixed with human odor and breath. Perhaps at the pearly gates, something like the smell and the same accumulation of sinners of all stripes, religions and races. I stand in the middle and stare at people wonder what they ask and what are you thankful for?
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The groom.

In the life of every woman or girl there comes a time when she wants to get married. But sometimes such a desire women have for a very long time, then come in mom, whining about grandchildren and dads, who tolerate brain mothers, and they are forced to drive daughters married, only to have them rolled back in his old age. Women increasingly build a career, get education, do business, because reliable for us bunch of Cunts, every year less and less. Yes, and universal equality, a constant struggle for women’s rights are doing their job, just sometimes do not even want to mess with another star from the Moscow sky…

She’s beautiful, she’s 35, she sits and looks at me as if rags chooses another or decoration.
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A dry hunger strike in Moscow ocheretner stopped, the rest told me to go into mortgage slavery

A dry hunger strike in Moscow ocheretner stopped forcibly, and the rest were told to go into mortgage slavery
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I don’t remember, it was just here or not, because so many who walked blog for some time. Although hardly anyone was, there was only father Michael, who all zablocie.

I was returning from the store, heat, stepped out of the Elevator, remember that become worthless, your heart, came out, tried the stairs down and fell head against his blunt, disconnected. Fortunately, the downstairs neighbor was found in his pocket and called the last phone, rushed the fool (the name will not sound). Soon, even the cops came, but because of the fixation of death was not, they left. As can be seen in the er, or something someone said, or have brought, in General, this idiot decided that I was dead. Brought into the 7th. He still was drunk, yelled at it, called the mother from the country, sent ex. Lifted all on ears. I woke up without documents, because he took them and, phone, keys. This moron’s night came to an apartment, and the laptop started to write garbage, and one of the laptops he took with him.
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All! Happened, and the mystery of all times and peoples solved. The best minds in the world fought over it for centuries. Scientists, psychologists, sociologists, and other ology went crazy in search of an answer, jumped out of the window, cut his wrists, desperately went on a binge. And now, to answer the eternal mens question: “What the fuck, woman rubs two hours in the bathroom?”, found! To tell you the truth my friends, like all great discoveries, this discovery required many years of relations and relationships that I sacrificed for him their freedom, male ego, worked without sparing himself on the bed stretching from Kaliningrad to Nakhodka. From Egyptian and Turkish resorts to the quiet streets of London and the saturated smell of Haute cuisine, Paris. White, red and black and, with the first size and the sixth, young and old, rich and poor, smart idiots and stupid fools, with long legs and curves, all, all of them still stuck in the bathroom for an hour or two, driving me crazy.

In their naivety at first I, like everyone, believed they all very neat, but outright disgusting, which was made in the apartment of some experimental animals, crossed this version. If a person is neat, he not only namyvaet pisi myself and Sisi, but also cleans, washes the dishes, throwing bras and panties all over the apartment. Another version was the fact that women have such a body structure, solid Swiss landscape, with depressions and bulges. But in some subjects, depression was so so, and convexity were purely nominal, some males who love to eat, Boobs are even bigger. About the breed Moscow discorama and can not speak. And like to pan for nothing, and they are all stuck in the bathroom, all the same hour or two, or longer, surpassing the records by rinsing in water, its more titted and date individuals by the form. There was another option, which even put me down and touched my manhood. A friend caught his girlfriend in the bathroom, for Frank could, he bad satisfied. I, sacrificing himself, decided to experiment. Collected all will in a fist, shot of brandy for courage and drove test subjects around the perimeter of the bed, until, until she, in a literal sense, not crawled to the bathroom. Drove her to the state, and thought that to insert there, not been for a few days. And what do you think? Half hour rinse the nose!
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Our beat! Not paid the mortgage activist GCD threatened Putin Maidan

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