Forgiveness is very difficult, and sometimes impossible. It may be better just not to do those things for which you need to ask forgiveness?

Before death, many people begin to wonder. Everyone thinks about her, someone is sitting in the memory of the bad things that someone says is good, but all United in one way or another, people are thinking only about one thing: is there something there? A man selfish and vain, this is its basic stupidity, he naively believes that it’s necessary to leave something after itself, and really thinks that without him the world would be worse. No matter who you are, king or beggar, the world will not change after your death, there may be some events that will change the map of the world or something, but the scale of the universe, it is only a little spit in the vast ocean. For example, my grandfather once came up to me and put on the table a book about Jesus Christ that was given to me at school in the fifth grade. At the beginning of the 90s our English school came aliens, children of the new Russia, they were brought not only gum, like Huba Buba, but the literature of a religious nature. Then began a new fashion: do not love communism, and to love God. Therefore, the school administration did not oppose this literature. My grandfather was a Communist to the bone, died from a membership card under the pillow, the entire religion knocked out of him in the 37th, so the question: Why did he read it? Then and now, remains a mystery to me.
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Where do the “Mazes” of “Orpheus”

A few months ago took the trouble to search “music above us” in everyday life. At some point it seemed that he had found a neat terminal to the core of classical culture — the radio station “Orpheus”. They twist quite a lot of variety of classical music, and what is particularly pleasing detail is called works that are aired. Both before and after the broadcast. So I learned that I like music by Felix Mendelssohn, for example. Yesterday I realized why all this is necessary.
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In Indonesia there is a struggle with LGBT emojis


The Indonesian government demanded that applications and social networks have removed all Emoji depicting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, arguing that such images are the cause of unrest in a country where the overwhelming population is Muslim. Japanese app messaging Line has already removed the stickers from the regional versions of the service and apologized to the government of the country, according to Coconuts Jakarta. WhatsApp will also be asked to remove provocative, according to the authorities of the country, stickers.
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Elon Musk refused to sell Model X after criticism

Time management is complicated. Especially if you’re a famous person and you have a very lot of cases. Here, Vladimir Putin once late for a meeting with the Pope for a whole hour. Or another example: in September 2015, Elon Musk was late for Model X Launch Event is almost two hours, forcing to expect several thousand invited guests (mostly customers Model X).
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