Today the Church commemorates the Apostles Peter and Paul. When I went to the service, it occurred to me that Peter and Paul were so different in their natures. Peter is always the first to respond to the words of the Savior, and consequently, quality cannot always lift the burden on their forces. And Paul, sober and very consistent in their deeds and words. Not to say that fire and flame, but all totally different in temperament people.
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Ilya Muromets

Original taken from feologos in Ilya Muromets

1 January – Day of remembrance for Reverend Ilya of Murom, in the Russian folk tradition – the Bogatyr Ilya Muromets.

Reverend Ilya of Murom, the Holy Russian Church, a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk monastery. It is considered the prototype of the legendary hero Ilya Muromets in the Russian folk tradition.
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“Terrible” court

What that will be, let the fate decide…

Well, fuck you! – I’m trying to turn, but his knees hit the softness of the wall. Well, I told you to burn the fuck out! No, bitches, caulked in this horrible coffin – I swear. Fuck, I never hated petitie and small apartments. In them you are always alone with yourself and with your thoughts about what we need to do the repair. When the area is large, the mess is not as noticeable. Bitch I grasp the sleeve of a jacket on a nail sticking out. And suit, suit, fuck my sneakers! Nits. No, what shirt, what tie? Like parsley, I swear! And shoes too tight… Oh – I sigh…
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