“SEL” was buried in the village of ancient Indians

…the speech of the anthropologist about the Indians

At around 1:33:30, there is mention about the archaeological discovery in Tierra del Fuego, canned SEL. But-torrents there to take nowhere, so he says it’s megatsunami all well-dated mothballed 13-14 thousand years ago. But having said all remarkably well preserved.

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Only when a Jew cries, God hears his prayers (saying)

In the temple the people gather. Soon the service begins, and while the congregation stand near the icons ask for something or thank. The smell of candles and incense, mixed with human odor and breath. Perhaps at the pearly gates, something like the smell and the same accumulation of sinners of all stripes, religions and races. I stand in the middle and stare at people wonder what they ask and what are you thankful for?
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Politics is a dirty business.

Politics is more dangerous than HIV, Cancer, more dangerous than any most awful Ebola in the world. It strikes not just the body, it strikes the soul and deprives all of humanity, is man to obtain a fraction of power as white and fluffy citizen, he turns into a monster ready to eat anyone who gets in the way, literally and figuratively…

We sit in the gazebo one of the country houses. The evening had just begun, so we are still sober and are quite unintelligible conversation.
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Interesting facts about birthday

Original taken from dmgusev in Interesting facts about the birthday

• Most people celebrate their birthday in August (around 9% of all people). There are still two months, which is the high rate of birth: July and September.
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Ate you’re a tourist on Shabbat, it is Putler to blame

–> http://kv-journal.su/content/krepche-za-baranku-derzhis-shofer

In France, according to the established tradition – a new terrorist attack. Multi-ton truck safely drove into the protected zone on the promenade des Anglais in nice, rammed a crowd of onlookers gathered to gawk at the fireworks for Bastille Day, and began to flatten human chops.
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