“No duh” — who threatens it?

On January 27, 2015, at the site of the all-Russian research Institute for operation of nuclear power plants was held a seminar on the topic of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). The seminar candidate of physico-mathematical Sciences Alexander Parkhomov presented the results of his own experiments with LENR, during which primitive copy of the Rossi reactor could produce 2.5 times more energy than consumed.” – the message passed on cnews.ru in the beginning of 2015.
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From the history of the “dark ages”

Глаз СахарыThe artifacts indicate that “the stone age” – an age when built of natural stone megalithic structures and cities such as St. Petersburg, “ancient Athens”, Melbourne or Cape town, ended in the 18th century – all unique technologies had been lost, began to build houses of wood, durable and built of brick.

I have completed an article on “the restoration of the national economy” in the 18th century – the construction of Railways in Russia and in Africa. And then arrived an article about the forgotten war.

I remember there was a movie “the Unknown war in the East”, made in English and translated into Russian. There was solid science fiction to a Western audience – the war of the USSR against the Nazis. To a Western audience that, in spite of documentary footage and realized that this is nasuada true.

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