How to share files in Linux. SSHFS. Part 2

Could not resist to continue the article on sshfs, a very convenient way of sharing files on the server. Will be considered automatically mounted on demand (on demand), i.e. mount a remote directory automatically when you open the designated folder in the file Manager (about working in the terminal will be silent). Automounting very well described in archwiki, and generally a good HOWTO there is a huge number. My goal is just to remind you that there is such a possibility because to the articles on this website, I sshfs also did not pay attention, but it was a very convenient thing. Therefore, the review is very short.

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To whom the presumption of innocence, and to whom and Vice versa

браудер ходор

Filmmaker Andrei Nekrasov, who directed the film, in which he debunks the version of the international criminal bill Browder about the death in prison of Russian lawyer Magnitsky Browder, received on his head a bucket of shit from brethren in the liberal camp.
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The developers of uTorrent offer version without ads for $4.95 a year


The team developing Manager for download torrents uTorrent has offered users the option of replacing the built-in program advertising on a paid annual subscription. So, to free program version added the option to buy a version without ads for $5/year, or same version with additional features for $20/year.
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[Sandbox] inhouse movies/TV shows/TED in Anki

Essence in the following: using written programs automatically break English subtitles movie/series for individual fragments. Also automatically creates a tsv file for import into Anki ( that contains English and Russian transcript translation (if you have added Russian subtitles) of each fragment.

Then import into Anki and looking at the whole film as follows:
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