Covered Kazan

Original taken from kadykchanskiy in Covered Kazan

Original taken from algimady in Covered Kazan

In Kazan on Bauman street to Millennium city, by the year 2000, was built underground gallery. It is interesting that dug up the whole street. Existing studies in other cities show that there, under the ground. In Kazan it is possible.

The scene, fortunately frozen, dug up the street was blocked off and so left. It was assumed the use of the basement (first floor) existing buildings. The builders reached the foot of the foundations of buildings of the XVII-XVIII century. Write that nothing interesting was found. Now access underground is closed, but the network has a sufficient number of photos. It is clearly seen that the Windows of the first floor below ground level.
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How long has it been?

культурный слой на дворцовой площади
the red arrow marked “Catherine’s level” on Palace square of St. Petersburg

The Russia we buried

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