Love poems. Just… about love…

Just poetry… just about love. It seems it was possible to finish… But I will add: You probably noticed that in my blog I often write about globalization. And what is it – global dimension of love? Let’s measure:
So many centuries

swore on the blood,
that mountains collapsed,
from the sky the stars picks
because of love.
So much blood spilled,
so many mountains mangled,
so many stars out yet,
much and was not loved.
And now I love
don’t swear – I say:
the mountains will restore,
the stars will light up.

In a sense, it was a reinterpretation of the famous rhyme “love-Markovi blood”, In the next post about love will be discussed globally, but difficult:::

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British ruins

The Humus came out a beautiful collection of photos of ruins in Britain
Thoughts on:

1. The earthquake is serious
2. Collapsed synchronously with Athens, Baalbek, etc.
3. Not immediately recovered because of the lack of extra resources – not before it
4. And then came the new government, for which it all was someone else’s property

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A decent hypothesis

The extension of the Earth began?

And can all is easier? Maybe the Earth went from the bottom to expand and water is not back?..

Weak water pressure from below because the hydrogen is spent on something else.

Or is not allocated from kernel metallogidridnyh. For some reason.

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